Not being there

When I was young

Waiting for visits

That would never come

Going to School

Keeping to myself

Reaching Eighteen

Still not there

Making a life, a career

You must be somewhere

Then, I find you

Not by choice, but by a need

Trying to reconnect

But gone again

Years pass

I have a daughter now

A daughter, I love

 I want to tell you

I phone,

You fly,

You visit

Then out of my life again

Years pass

And I travel to you

Good times we had

Then life returns

Then you visit

I let you stay

Things are good

But it all goes astray

Not talking

Silence between us

No visits,

No contact

My daughter and I

Heard you’re somewhere

I let it pass us by

A call

A bolt from the blue

A hand reaching out

What should I do?

A visit

A fleeting glimpse

Trying to justify why

I should try

Seeing you there

Weak and alone

Wanting to hold you

Not wanting to get close

A Doctor’s words

A nurse’s hug

A mother’s look

A son’s….

Another visit

Is it too late?

Words are exchanged

Is it too late?

Two fathers together

It wasn’t too late

Then you’re gone

How do I feel







In love?


In Love.

We made our peace.

You are my Dad.



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