Alysha’s 14th Birthday

Well, today was my daughters 14th Birthday.

After an early start (7am) when she woke us up, it has been non-stop.

After presents were opened and breakfast was eaten and coffee was drunk, it was off to the Grandparents before 9am. More presents and then off into Watford to spend her money. (New Jeans and two tops). A quick bite to eat was followed by a trip to Bowling. After two games we worked out that Alysha can’t bowl, although she did do her best. (She can’t be good at everything) Then it was a trip in to Watford again for lunch. A lovely Chinese at ‘Yummy’s’ above Watford Market. Then another wander around the Town to get hair grips, etc. Then it was home to wait for her Nannie to arrive. Then at exactly 17:55 she turned 14! She has gone to her room to listen to a new CD (and probably text all her friends) while I am going to Chillax.  I have the rest of the week off work so there may be a lot of chillaxin’.

Be well,


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