What a Month

It has been a long time since my last blog, and a lot has happened.

We had a Spanish exchange student from Zaragosa, called Maria, come and stay with us for a week. She arrived on Wednesday 4th and stayed until the following Thursday (12th). She was shy but came out of her shell just before she flew home. I learnt a few Spanish phrases, but Maria was adamant about practicing her English. The two girls got on great and went Dancing, Bowling and to the Fireworks together. They also went to London to Hyde Park and to The Natural History Museum. It was odd when she left, as the house seemed emptier without her there. However, watching films like ‘Overboard’ in Spanish is very strange and I am glad that we don’t have to do that any more.

Then last week I had a few friends over a couple of nights. Dean and Sarah felt a lot worse for wear on Saturday morning. (For young people they have no stamina.)

And then yesterday, we got a new addition to our family: Gerry the Cat.

He was in need of a good home so we took him in. He is sandy/ginger coloured and is getting use to the house and our other cat, Tilly.

So now we have two cats, about thirty fish and a frog that comes to visit the garden.

Life is good.

Another blog soon.

Be Well.

All comments are welcome

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