The Weekend

What a Fantastic weekend!

The day started well with a trip into Watford to finish the last bits of Christmas shopping.

In Town by 9:45 and back home by 11:00.

All presents wrapped by 11:30.

Then it was off to my nan’s to see the family and my auntie Hazell, who had driven down from Norfolk, then back home for some lunch and to watch the Rugby.

It was a great match between the 6 Nations champions, Ireland, and the current World Champions, South Africa. South Africa had not had a good tour, losing many of their matches, including one against the Saracens RFC, at Wembley.

At half time it was looking like the Springboks were getting back to their winning ways, and I was starting to worry.

The second half started well and Ireland came out like a new team. The second half was probably the better half and Ireland came through. Croke Park erupted and the Springboks were sent home with their tail between their legs.

After the rugby we watched Wales get utterly destroyed by Australia, which was a shock after Australia’s poor performance the week before, when they lost to Scotland.

The Welsh team just couldn’t get into the game and lost some key players through injuries in the first 20 minutes.

Then, after dinner, it was off to the Wellington Arms Hotel to watch Five Fold Kiss, a great rock covers band. The singer, Chantal, had a cold and the drummer, Gary, had not been well for a few days either. Chantal still managed to belt out a good set, and the rest of the band were as good as always. Chantal did have a break and one of the bands friends, Dom, who sings with another band, took over and sang a few classics. Then Chantal came on for the last half of the gig.

Sunday was a real chillout day, with us not doing a great deal, which was handy because the weather was terrible. Rain and wind and cold temperatures had been the mainstay of the entire weekend.

All in all though, a Great weekend!

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