1st December, 2009

Yesterday started off with a frost and a Zero degree temperature.

I won the ‘Pinch-punch-first-of-the-month’ battle with my daughter. (7-5 to me for the year).

Work was somehow quieter than normal, which I was thankful for, as all that I was concerned with was finishing work and getting home to put the Decorations and tree up.

At 3 O’clock I met Alysha as she was going into Town to pick up her glasses. She has a lazy eye and these should correct them. I left work at 4 O’clock, and went home, moved some furniture and put all the decorations up. The tree was put into place and all the presents placed beneath it. (I love Christmas.) Photo’s were taken and uploaded so that everyone knows that I am ready for Christmas. Only 23 days to go. :D


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