Last Few Days

After a long week I was looking forward to the Weekend. After work on Friday I had a friend of mine, Len, come over to listen to some music and have a few beers. As the evening drew on we were joined by Swany, who had just finished a 12 hour shift. Pizzas were ordered. Beer flowed and my daughter’s Karaoke machine came out. I shall have to upload some photo’s of Swany singing Elvis numbers and Len doing his best Elvis dance. The evening finished with Len and Swany leaving about midnightish.

Saturday was a chillaxin’ day with very little going on in the house. Alysha had gone to dance and was going straight to a friends afterwards,  for a sleepover. (She wouldn’t be back until 3 O’clock Sunday afternoon). Emma had been to my nan’s in the morning to remove some stitches, and when she returned we just sat in front of the TV or were on the PC. My friend Colin turned up around 9ish, to look at my PC which had been playing up. Although he sorted most of the issues, it was poorly until late Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, Emma had to work, so I watched some TV. (No music or internet as PC was still unwell). I watched ‘The Maiden Heist’ with Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H. Macy. What a funny film. I then watched ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’, and then ‘War Games’, (which was fun to see after so many years), Len popped for in for a quick drink before heading into Watford to do some shopping, and then Alysha returned from her sleepover. A bit later Colin turned up and fixed my PC. Then, at about 8ish, Emma got back from work. Dinner was ordered in, an Indian, as neither of us was in the mood to cook. So, all in all, a good weekend.

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