London: A Birthday Stroll

Yesterday Emma and myself went to London for the day. It was an early start as we left the house at 09:15 and walked to Watford Junction. The train was on time and we arrived at Euston Station at 10:15. After all the snow that we had in Watford, it was strange to arrive in London and find none. (Not a flake, anywhere.)

Once at Euston we took a gentle stroll to Holborn and onto Fleet Street and then down to the Thames. Stopping every now and again to take Photo’s. We then crossed the Thames and headed for Borough Market, Southwark. After wandering around the Market, we had a beautiful Scotch Beef baguette with creamy horseradish. Delicious.

We then headed along the Southbank, towards Westminster, where there was a German Market, a book sale, street performers and a sculptor on the ‘beach’ creating a sand sculpture.

Whilst looking at the books I was noticed by a friend from Derby, who had travelled down to London for her Birthday. (How freaky to go to somewhere the size of London and see someone you know!)

We then crossed over Westminster Bridge and headed up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square.

Lots more photographs were taken of the Christmas Tree, Fountains, Statues and the Ice Polar Bear. (Photographs to be uploaded later.)

Then we headed down the Mall to Buckingham Palace and on up to Marble Arch. More photographs before heading into Hyde Park for the Winter Wonderland. More food consumed and Hot Chocolate with Baileys. Perfect for warming you up on a cold afternoon.

We then retraced our steps and headed back to Trafalgar Square and onto Covent Garden. After a good look around the Market and Stalls, we took a slow walk back to Euston Station.

The journey home was warm and comfortable and we arrived home at 18:00.

According to Google Earth, we walked between 10 and 12 miles.


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