Christmas, 2009

Well what a great few days.

I finished work at 3 on Christmas Eve and was met by Emma and Alysha. We headed straight to The Oddfellows to see some friends, and a few beers. The place was crammed and we got to see lots of friends, and have a Christmas drink (or five) before heading home.

Christmas morning was the usual: Me awake at 6 and Alysha up by 7:30. Emma was up at 8 and then it was coffee and presents. To say I got exactly what I wanted was an understatement. Lots of Star Trek goodies, Chocolate, three bottles of Whiskey, tops, etc. Alysha got everything she had asked for, plus a lot more, and Emma was happy too.

At 10 we headed off to my nan’s house to see my Mum, Nan, Grandad and uncle Martin.

Lots of sausage rolls, were eaten as per usual, and more presents given and received.

Even more Star Trek goodies and an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Fanatstic!

Then it was home for the dinner. This year we had decided on Steak, and I had the biggest Irish Beef Steak I had ever seen. It was cooked to perfection by Emma, who scared it with the pan. This was served with onions and mushrooms and Tiger Bread. The girls had Bucks Fizz with their dinner while I had Guinness.

After dinner Alysha played her new games on her DS and Emma and I chilled out.

Alysha decided to head off to my Mum’s for tea at 5ish and Emma and I watched the usual rubbish on the TV. Then our friend Len turned up at 7:30 for a drink and stayed for a couple of hours, and then our friend Steve B arrived. Steve had been to see his family and was going to have trouble getting home, due to lack of Public transport, so we had said that he could stay in the spare room.

And that brings us to today (Boxing Day). We are all up, (Although Alysha hasn’t really surfaced yet) and drinking coffee. We are expecting a few more friends around today, for the usual open house party. Food, beer and good friends.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas everyone.

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