Boxing Day Weekend, 2009

Well… Boxing Day was Fantastic!

Just a few friends coming in and out throughout the day. Music playing and beer flowing, and enough food to feed an army.

Steve B had been with us since Christmas Day night and was staying Boxing Day night, too. Tracy and the kids arrived about 2, but had to go to their friends for dinner, later in the evening. (The kids didn’t want to leave the party, naturally.)

Len turned up about 4 and stayed until very late. (Party didn’t finish til nearly 3 am.)

Swany and Pete got there about 7ish, shortly followed by Ducey, Deano and Sarah.

That is when the party really started. Then a call from Tracy saying that the kids wanted to come back, and would it be okay for her friend Diane to come with her kids. The answer was, yes. (More the merrier, as far as I am concerned.)

Lots of people enjoying a great Boxing Day. Fantastic!

The usual chaos ensued when it was decided it would be a good idea to try and make some Chinese style lanterns using tea-lights and a space blanket. Talk about competitive. None of them flew, (Most ended up in flames) but it was fun.

To say my friends are tidy is an understatement. Just a few crumbs to clear up next morning. Cans and bottles were automatically put into their respective recycling boxes by everyone, so Sunday morning (12 noon when we all surfaced) there was very little to be done.

The day was spent just Chillaxin’ on the sofa or the PC. Steve B headed off about 4ish and we just chilled watching rubbish on the TV, and an early night.

I hope everyone else’s Christmas Holiday was as good as ours.


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