Back to Work

After the Christmas festivities, I wasn’t much looking forward to going back to work, today. Pretty much as soon as I got there I wanted to be anywhere else. We were three people down, due to Annual Leave and covering other Hospital sites, so it was busy. Three hours just to get A+E back to as it should be, after the Holiday weekend, then it was off to the other departments. Stock to be put-away and then counted. 16:30 seemed a long time coming. I stopped for a coffee just after noon and met up with Swany. He has most of this week off, and isn’t due back to work until Friday. I finish on Thursday so I will be celebrating the New Year.

Once I did manage to get home I decided to play around with my website. I hope you like the changes. I think it looks a lot neater and brighter.

Anyway, things to do, so I shall speak with you all later.

May it be well with you.


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