New Year, 2009

Well the New Year is here.

A busy day at work was followed by a quick trip to ‘The Oddfellows’ for a drink, before heading home. Alysha was packing some clothes as she was having a sleepover at her friend, Nicole’s. She left at around 5:30 and I chilled out until Emma got in. After Emma had got changed we went to ‘The Oddfellows’ to see friends and have a quick drink. The pub wasn’t too busy and Steph, her sister and mum were doing a Disco. We saw lots of friends, and wished them all a Happy New Year, before heading home. Got back just after 11:30 and watched the Fireworks in London on BBC1. Then I watched the last episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ before going to bed. Emma was up early as she is working all day today.

I got up at around 10 and decided to go for a walk down ‘Ebury Way’. I didn’t get far as it was freezing, so I turned off and went to the shop before going home to have a lovely cup of coffee and warm up. Alysha came back just after 1:00, with Nicole. The girls played on the PC and practised a dance routine. Nicole’s mum arrived to pick up Nicole at 5:30 and now Alysha and me are just chillaxin’.

Happy New Year everyone and may it be well with you.


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