A Busy few days

It has been a while since my last blog and a lot has happened.

It all started about two weeks ago, when I started to feel tired and exhausted with a headache I couldn’t shift. This resulted with me going to the Doc’s and an appointment made to have blood taken. I couldn’t have blood taken on the day I saw the Doctor, as I had to fast for 12 hours. (That nearly killed me!) Anyway, bloods were taken on the Monday and another appointment made to see the Doctor again on the 29th. (Should be interesting.)

Last Sunday, (17th), I went for a stroll and to get some fresh air. Near my house is a cycle track called ‘Ebury Way’. This track goes from Rickmansworth to Watford and goes past Lakes, Croxley Common Moor, Lairage Land and Local Nature Reserves. From the ‘Ebury Way’ you can see a pillbox in a field that has stood there since the 1940’s. As a kid it was always a great place to hang out and explore. In all the years that I had visited it since, I had never taken any photo’s of it, so this time I did. On returning home, I decided to find out more about the pillbox.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a site that dealt specifically with pillboxes, and was part of the ‘Archaeological Data Service’. How accurate would that be?! Not very, actually.

The pillbox near my house, (Pillbox Type FW3/27: S0000558) had supposedly been removed, in 1995. Oops. Slight error in the data, I believe. So, I sent an email explaining their mistake and could they rectify it asap, please?! (Still, no reply!)

I have since decided it might be worth me visiting as many of the pillbox sites in my area, to get as many pictures as I can, and also to check them against the‘Archaeological Data Service’ database, to see if any other, still standing, pillboxes have been removed.

Monday night, (18th), started with a trip to the ‘Horns’ pub, to see a couple of bands.

‘Seize the Chair’ & ‘Smugglers Run’. ‘Seize the Chair’ are a new band, and had only been together for a couple of months, but were tight and had a good stage presence. ‘Smugglers Run’ have been around for a while, and did not disappoint. Fantastic Music and the fans were kept happy. Will definitely be seeing them again and would urge anyone, who likes up-and-coming bands, to see them. 

For the rest of the week I was working at St. Albans City Hospital, covering for a colleague while they were on holiday. I hadn’t worked at St. Albans City Hospital in nearly a year, and it was good to see so many old faces. (And some new ones.) Unbelievably, some people had even missed me! Anyway, it took a few days to sort out a few problems with stock shortages, replacement items and alternatives, but I managed it. I hope I will be going back there again soon, as it is a nice place to work, and it is one of the few places, that I know, where everyone is genuine and pleased to see you. From cleaners to nurses and porters to management and everyone in-between, everyone says, ‘Hello.’ 

I will blog again soon, and hopefully won’t leave it as long.

Until then,

May it be well with you.

All comments are welcome

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