Saracen’s, 6 Nations & Five Fold Kiss

Saturday 13th February was a long day.

We were all up early for the day ahead. Alysha got up and headed to the shops to get the newspapers for Nan and Grandad and came straight back. I was up listening to music and was rearing to go. Emma had a little lie in before getting up and getting ready. Once breakfast and coffee were downed, we all wrapped up warm and left for a short walk to Watford Metropolitan Station. On the way Alysha dropped her overnight bag in to my mum’s, to save time later, and we continued on our way. We also passed the old Fire Station on Rickmansworth Road, or rather the rubble that was the Fire Station. It has been completely flattened so I took a pic.

The journey from Watford to Wembley took nearly thirty minutes, which gave us a chance to warm up, before the three hours or so sitting in Wembley Stadium.

On arrival at Wembley we were walking down the road, discussing where we were going to eat lunch, when we were spotted by Mum, Sue and Charlie. They had left a lot earlier than us and were just finishing their lunch when they spotted us through the window. So, we decided to eat there. Lamd Doner Burger, chips and coffe for me. Quarter Pounder, Chips and Cappuccino for Alysha and a Cheese and Mushroom Omelette and coffee for Emma. Mum and her crew left the diner to take some more pics and have a wander, while we finished lunch.

Then we headed for the stadium. Our seats were perfect, (closer than mum and her crew who were about 20 rows behind us up another tier) so we sat down and waited for the entertainment to start.

At about 14:15 ‘Chipmunk’ started the music off with a 10 minute set. Maybe I am getting old, but I didn’t think he was all that. Once he had finished his set, he was followed by ‘The Saturdays’, who also did a 10 minute set. While they were singing, ‘Chipmunk’ was escorted from the building by the Sarcens Sensations. Then just before kick-off, Sarrie, the Saracens mascot, made his entrance on the back of a Harley-Davidson, followed by ‘The Hogfather’ and his biker gang. What an entrance!

The rugby was good with the Saracens eventually beating the Worcester Warriors, 25-20!

During the match friends had been keeping me updated in the RBS 6 Nations Tournament. Emma was pleased when I informed her that Wales had come from behind to score a try in the dying seconds to win the match against Scotland, 31-24!

On the way back to the train station my friends kept informing me of the second of the 6 Nations matches that day. Unfortunately Ireland appeared to have fallen asleep and were soundly by beaten by the French. Not impressed, boys! 33-10 to France! Unbelievable!

We all travelled back together on the train, except for Charlie who was going to see Eric Clapton at the O2 arena.

Once back in Watford, Mum and Alysha headed home while Emma and I got some shopping. Once at home, food was quickly cooked and eaten, before we got changed and headed in to Watford.

We got to O’Neill’s for nine O’clock, only to find the band, Five Fold Kiss, wouldn’t be on til 22:30!!!

Oh, well. We killed time drinking and talking until the band were ready and our friend Len turned up. Then the entire place erupted! I have never seen O’Neill’s that busy on a band night before. Five Fold Kiss were at their very best and had the audience jumping, dancing, clapping and cheering! It truly was a great night and I have uploaded some of the Photo’s.

I can’t wait until the 7th March when Five Fold Kiss, Rock The Horns!!!!

May it be well with you,

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