It’s Our Theatre, etc.

On Tuesday 22nd Feb, Alysha joined an after school group called, “It’s our theatre”. They were using the school facilities for four nights to teach, whoever was interested, dance, graffiti, rap, etc. All for free. It gave Alysha some different skills to compliment her existing dance steps, which she had learned at Moonglow. On Friday (26th), the group put on a ‘Slam Night’, where family and friends were invited along to see a two-hour show of dance, rap, art, graffiti, etc. I went along with my Mum, to see what Alysha had learnt. Some of the kids had been to all three nights (like Alysha), while others had only been to one or two. The kids were brilliant! A few nerves crept in to a few of them and the odd mistake occurred, but it did not stop them. Every single kid had fun and you could just tell how much enjoyment they had. Of course, Alysha was superb and I have uploaded two videos to my site. Have a look and leave a comment if you wish.


On Saturday 27th, Alysha went to her Moonglow dance class and Emma and I went in to Watford to get some last minute bits and pieces for Alysha to take to Spain. We met up with our friend Deano, who came back to our house for lunch. Once Alysha had returned from dance, she ate and packed her things so that she could stay at Nannie’s for the night. Once Alysha headed off, Emma, Deano and I headed to the Oddfellows pub, to watch the rugby, with more friends. (England v Ireland). A good, close match with Ireland coming out the eventual, and deserved, winners! We left there with some more friends and headed home to listen to some music and have a few more drinks. Deano ended up crashing on the sofa!


On Tuesday 30th, I started to feel a little unwell, and came down with a cold, so I have been feeling very tired when I got in from work all this week.

As of today the cold seems to have dissipated and I am looking forward to the weekend.


On Saturday, I am going for a stroll with Swany, then out for a few drinks in the afternoon for my friend Colin’s Birthday.


On Sunday, Alysha has to be at school for 07:00 for the start of her week long trip to Spain, and then at 15:30 it is off to ‘The Horns’, Watford, to watch Five Fold Kiss!


So it should be a great weekend, and I shall keep you all informed!


May it be well with you.




My Chilli’s are doing really well and I shall be uploading some more pics soon.

All comments are welcome

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