A Stroll & Five Fold Kiss

It all started on Friday when my friend, Len, popped in for a few drinks after work. Music was playing, beer was flowing and to top it all off… BBC Four were doing the history of British Metal, from 9 O’clock, followed by Iron maiden filmed in Concert from 2008.

What a start to the weekend.


Then it was Saturday.

Not a lot doing around the house. Alysha wasn’t at dance because of her trip and Emma and I were doing as little as possible. Swany rang about 11ish and said that he would be ready just after noon. I ate some lunch and got myself ready. Swany turned up with Pete about 1 O’clock and we began our stroll. We walked down to the Ebury Way and turned left towards Watford. We then took a right and headed for the power station, which would lead us into the fields containing the pillbox. As we clambered over an old tree stump toward the bridge that led to the pillbox, the sight of a newly installed locked gate across the bridge, with barbwire across the top, faced us. I was not impressed, at all! We clambered over it anyway and carried on toward the pillbox. As we approached the pillbox, I noticed that both the entrances were now sealed. Unbelievable!! Swany and I took some photos of it and the mini waterfall, before continuing our journey. We followed the river until we came to the old green, plate Girder Bridge that is all that is left of the salt line. The three of us crossed this and arrived in a field full of Canada Geese. More photos were taken as we made our way towards Hamper Mill. A few more photos were taken before we headed back towards the Ebury Way. We arrived back at my house just after half two and enjoyed a cold beer. Swany and Pete left soon after and I headed indoors to get showered.


At about 6ish I left home to go and meet Colin for a few birthday drinks, while Emma wandered off to meet her friend, Jess. They would meet up with me in the pub later.

When I got to the pub Colin was a little worse for wear, having been in there since four thirty! We had a few drinks together before he wobbled off home, just before Emma and Jess walked in. We had a drink all together at Que Pasa, before I headed home leaving Emma and Jess to party.


Then it was Sunday.

Alysha had been up for a while before I woke up. A quick last minute rush to make sure that everything was packed, then it was off to School. We made it to School for exactly 7 and were met by my Mum, who had come to see Alysha off. A few quick hugs before Alysha, and the other exchangers were on the minibus and on their way to the Airport. As soon as the minibus was out of sight, it was back home. Emma went back to bed and I messed around on the PC. My friend Dave called round just after 10, for a coffee, then left. Not much else happened until after lunch, when it was time to head for the pub. Not our normal pub but the Horns. Our friends, Five Fold Kiss, were due on stage at three thirty for their first performance at the Horns. When we arrived we spoke briefly to a few band members. Chantal, Gary and Graham. Chantal admitted to being a bit ‘anxious’, while everyone else seemed to be taking it in their stride and seeing it as just another gig. Just before the band was ready, our friends Len, Barry and Jo arrived. A few quick words were spoken and then the band started. Well! What a gig! After a few dodgy bits in the first few songs, the band suddenly woke up and the audience noticed and woke up too! The rest of the gig was bloody brilliant! The audience were really good and some people were up dancing. Lots of people had come along just to see the band, while others had come for a meal and a drink and ended up staying until the end. Lots of people were taking photos, including me, and I shall upload some soon. After the gig, and after we had said our goodbyes, Emma, Jess, Len and I all headed back to mine for pizzas and beer.

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