Reasons to be Cheerful…

1. Saturday. 

It started with a hair cut for me. (3mm all over!!!) Then it was a case of listening to music and some lunch before heading to the Oddfellows to watch the rugby. While listening to Ace of Spades by Motorhead, Emma commented that she preferred Five Fold Kiss’s version! (That’s how good they are, so go see them if you get the chance!)  We got to the pub a little early (about 13:30) as Watford were playing football at home and the pub was full of Peterborough supporters. Me in my Ireland Jersey and Emma in her Wales jersey. All the TV’s in the pub were showing Tottenham v Blackburn, until 14:30 when suddenly the main screen was turned to the clash of the weekend. Ireland v Wales. (Always a great match for us.) After Sexton missed a penalty in the first two minutes and Wales managed to score a penalty, I knew it was going to be a good match. For an Irish pub, there weren’t that many Irish supporters at the start, and only one Welsh supporter. (Emma.) As the match progressed more Irish arrived and the match turned in our favour.

Final score 27-12 IRELAND. 

After the match we returned home and watched a little of the Calcutta Cup match between Scotland and England. What a poor showing from England. Scotland really did deserve to win but all they could muster was a draw.

Final score 15-15.

We had planned to go to the Dome Bar later Saturday night, to watch Five Fold Kiss, but unfortunately the gig had to be cancelled at the last minute. So, we had some dinner and watched the normal Saturday night rubbish on the Telly. The only good bit being Rufus Hound on Sport Relief dancing to Cheryl Cole’s Fight for this Love. Bloody Brilliant!!!


2. Sunday.

Sunday was spent doing pretty much nothing. After lunch we went to my nan’s house to see my Mum, my auntie and the grand parents. After a cup of coffee and watching the first half of the France v Italy game, we returned home. France were in control of the match from the start, until 20 minutes from the end, when Italy decided to make a comeback. Suddenly Italy were scoring try after try. A far better match than the Scotland v England match.

Final score 46-20 France.

The rest of the day was spent chillaxin’ and making the most of the peace and quiet.


3. Monday.

Both Emma and I had the day off (I actually have the whole week off as it’s St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!) so that we were both here for when Alysha arrived back from Spain. New linen had been put on Alysha’s bed and all the washing had been done, ready for all of her holiday clothes.

Alysha’s aeroplane touched down at Stansted at 14:28, and she text me to say she was back in England at 14:45. Then at 16:16 she sent another text to say that were in Watford. We put on our coats and headed for the school and she arrived minutes after us. A big hug for me as soon as he got off the minibus and then she said her goodbyes to her friends and teachers and we headed home. My Mum met us at the house and we all piled in for coffee and biscuits. Then Alysha proceeded to tell us everything!!! It was obvious she had had a great time! Then she gave out some presents. An ornament from Aljaferia for my mum. A scarf and a box of Chocolates for Emma. And, a small pot of dried Chilli’s for me. Does my daughter know me or what?!?!?! I tried one of the chilli’s and soon wished I hadn’t. Now, I like Chilli’s and the hotter the better, but these things were not Hot. They were more like licking the Surface of the Sun!!! It turns out Alysha had asked the assistant in the shop for the hottest ones they had. Then Alysha uploaded her photo’s on to the PC. 549 of them! Once they were uploaded we all gathered around and looked at them. There are some fantastic shots in there and I could tell immediately how much fun she had had in Zaragosa. After looking at all the photo’s my Mum headed home and we settled down for dinner. The rest of the evening was chilled out, apart from my PC playing up. I sorted it though.


As I Sit here writing this, listening to Five Fold Kiss and various other Rock bands on the PC, I realise how much I missed Alysha last week. Daughters are wonderful! 


I might go for a stroll later on, once I have put the washing out, and then I have the rest of the week to look forward to, starting with St. Patrick’s day tomorrow.


May it be well with you all.

All comments are welcome

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