St. Patrick’s Week, 2010

I know it has been a while since my last blog, so here it is.


St. Patrick’s Day. (March 17th for those who don’t know)


I started celebrating at 1 O’clock on the Wednesday afternoon at O’Neill’s, Watford, with a friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen in months. We spent the first hour or so, just catching up with what we had been up to since our last encounter, before heading off to the moon Under Water for some more Guinness. We stayed there for a few rounds before heading off to Mangan’s. When we arrived at Mangan’s we bumped into some more friends with whom to celebrate. While at Mangan’s I noticed that the barman had sprayed his hair green, so I asked if he had any spray left. I am pleased to say he did, and within a couple of minutes I had green hair!!! After a few more  pints of Liffey Water we all made our way to the Oddfellows for some more celebrating. I walked into the Oddfellows with a Guinness Hat on, green hair and an Ireland flag draped across my back. (It had to be done.) The landlord was serving Irish Stew with Soda bread, so we all tucked in, while he poured our refreshments. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Oddfellows, before I headed home at about 8.


Recovery Day. (March 18th)


Up bright and early and messed around on the computer. Watched Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. (Again). And pretty much chilled out all day for the next few days.


Super Saturday (March 20th)


It was the Super Saturday of the RBS 6 Nations, with all teams playing their final matches on that one day.

1st up, Wales V Italy. Wales and Italy both entered this match with 3 losses each and only 1 win each. The scene was set for a great match, unfortunately Italy forgot to show up until the second half.

Final score 33-10 Wales.


2nd up, Ireland V Scotland. Ireland had won 3 matches and only had one defeat in the championship, which had been against France. Scotland had lost 3 and drawn 1, so it would have seemed like a simple matter for Ireland to walk away with this match. Well, no! Ireland didn’t seem to be as together as usual, with Sexton missing kick after kick and some clumsy passing from other players. Scotland on the other hand came out like a team reborn. Barely putting a foot wrong. Although I hate to say it, it was a much deserved win by Scotland.

Final Score 20-23 Scotland.


3rd up, France V England. England entered their last match with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. France entered with 4 wins. This turned out to be a truly great match. France were not their usual dominating selves, and England had found a renewed sense of purpose against the old enemy. The scores were close right the way through the game. England deserved to win for being the better side, but too many penalties meant that France kept their nose in front.

Final score 12-10 France.


This left the 6 Nations table looking like this:

1. France

2. Ireland

3. England

4. Wales

5. Scotland

6. Italy


Sunday 21st.

I spent most of Sunday Chillaxin’ and preparing myself for the week ahead. I was going back to work on the Monday and then on the Friday it would be my Birthday.

That should be fun and will tell how it went in my next blog.


As always, may it be well with you.


All comments are welcome

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