Bug Jam 24

I know its been a very long time since my last blog, but that will change. (The main reason is down to time.)


Anyway. BUG JAM 24!!!


On Friday, 23rd July, Swany and I went to Santa Pod, Northamptonshire, to see the Bug Jam 24. Swany has been to Santa Pod on many occasions and thought I would like it. He was wrong. I bloody loved it!!!


Friday: We left home in the afternoon and travelled to the Pod, after a short stop at Tesco to stock up on food and beer. We arrived just after 7 O’clock and spent 15 minutes finding a place to set up the tents, Once this was done, Swany showed me the track and we walked around the entire site, beer in hand. There was so much too see: Dragsters, Hot rods, Beetles, VW’s of all shapes and sizes, Monster trucks, BMX riders, Live Music, Fun Fair, Dance tents, Stalls and lots more. We made our way back to our tents and get some things from the car. Everything was going well until Swany locked his keys in the car! D’oh! After a few minutes of ‘I can’t believe I did that!’ and ‘What do we do, now?’ we decided it was best to break a window. We had to borrow a hammer from a neighbouring tent as ours was in the car, and Swany smashed a small back window in! We then covered up the broken window, had a few beers and eventually to get to sleep about 2am.


Saturday: We were up early for a weekend, about 8am. After a coffee we headed straight to the track to watch the action. Dragsters and supercars were doing their time trials followed by Run What You Brung. This was great! Ordinary people in their cars trying to see who could complete the 1/4 mile run in the shortest time and who could reach the fastest speed. Brilliant!

We then watched Terry Grant perform some of his stunts in the Live Arena! He drove a ‘Legend’ 1937 Ford Sedan, ‘Mitsubishi EVO’, ‘TVR Tamaro’, ‘Ferrari F40’ and a ‘Herbie’ VW Beetle. It was amazing to watch him doing doughnuts in the ‘Legend’, which he then got out of and let it carry on on its own. He then clambered back inside and did some fast laps and handbrake and J turns. He then left the car doing doughnuts on its own, again, and jumped into the ‘TVR Tamaro’ and started that doing doughnuts around the ‘Legend’. He then got out of the ‘TVR’ and left both cars to their own devices. He then clambered back into the ‘TVR’ and parked that, ran back to the ‘Legend’ and parked that. He then had two young ladies stand in the Arena and proceeded to do doughnuts around each of them in turn in the ‘Legend’. He was a matter of mm’s from the girls toes!!!

After this he decided to put the ‘Herbie’ car onto two wheels. After two attempts he decided he needed more weight in the car. The two girls from earlier were more than happy to help and climbed in the back. Deciding this still was not enough, a spectator was picked from the stands. This was a set-up as the poor guys mates had already spoken to Terry about it. Turns out he was at Santa Pod for his ‘Stag Do’. Ofcourse, Terry was happy to oblige, except that Terry asked the crowds if the guy should go in the back of the car with the girls or in the boot? As you can imagine the crowds voted 99-1 for the boot! Once the poor bloke was in the boot, Terry gunned the engine and drove to other end of the arena, reversed and then went for the ramp. The car went on to two wheels for the length of the arena. Just as I thought he was going to crash in to the barriers, he braked and dropped the car in to its parking place. The guy who had been in the boot was visibly shaking when he was released. Fantastic!!!

This was followed by a bit of motorcycle stunt work and some aerial action from the UK Freestyle Motor Cross team. They were achieving a height of over 50 feet above tarmac with no safety nets! MAD!

This was then followed by ‘Podzilla’ and ‘Swamp Thing’ the Monster Trucks. The sheer size of the things and the noise they make is incredible. Apparently they run on Alcohol and do 30 Gallons a mile!!!!

Once this was over, Swany and I decided to go for another walk around. (After getting more beer from the tents).

As we stood by the raceway start line, Santa Pod was visited by a Solitary Spitfire. Apparently he was just checking the route for Sundays Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. He gave a great little display in the air for a good ten minutes, before waggling his wings in a victory salute and heading home.

A bit later, as we walked back past Terry Grant, he was jump starting the Ferrari F40 with the Mitsubishi EVO. turns out he left the ignition on in the Ferrari and killed the battery. So, Swany and I decided that he deserved a ‘Special’ award, we which we promptly gave him!

We went in to the pits and saw the cars up close. We wandered past the BMX free-stylers and saw some great stunts.We also saw some of them stacking it, BIG TIME!!! One decided to land his back tyre on the upper handrail, bounce off, go up the other side and repeat. All was going well until he tried to put his rear tyre on the second handrail. He hit the floor and his bike disappeared over the back and dented a van! Brilliant! He got up and nearly stacked it again, but finally, after a number of attempts, managed to do the stunt to massive round of applause.

We then went to the Live stage and watched ‘Blings of Leon’ followed by ‘Kasabian UK’. Both were brilliant! ‘Blings’ were probably better, though!

We then took a slow walk back through the all the stalls and made our way to the tents. We then cooked a nice, HOT Chilli, which we ate with Doritos and a Tiger Baguette. Then we grabbed some beers and headed back out to see what else was going on.

One of the signs that we had seen on the way in to Santa Pod said, ‘NO CHINESE LANTERNS’! Well, as most people know, Swany and I love setting these things off so we weren’t impressed as we had taken some with us! Turns out a lot of people had taken Chinese Lanterns with them, too! So at around 11 O’clock the sky around Santa Pod was filled with them. All of them were the same. White Lanterns with their little flame below, lighting up the night sky. That is until our last one! Our last one was Green and had an Aliens face on it!

We retired to our tents at about 2am, again.


Sunday: We had a lie-in and didn’t surface until 9am.

Once we were up and ready we dismantled the tents and put everything back in the car. We then set off for a last look around the Pod and buy a coffee. Once we had seen everything we headed back to the car and headed home.


I can not wait until next year. I am already looking forward to Bug Jam 25!


Well, until my next blog, which hopefully will be very soon, May it be well with you.

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