Drinks & A Tattoo!

I have had such a great weekend!

It all started last Thursday (29th July). I had the week off work and was looking forward to a night out with a few friends, Tendai, Ed, Alan & Swany from A & E and Alex from X-Ray. All six of us met up at Riley’s in Watford for a couple of games of pool, at about 20:30. We had booked two tables so there were always four of us playing, until the last match when we all had a game of killer. I am not a very good pool player but I did manage to beat Swany, once. He was Okay about it has he did beat Tendai, which he rarely does.

After this we decided to go O’Neill’s for a couple more drinks. One thing led to another and before you know it we were on Jager Bombs! (Alex’s idea!) He soon regretted it as he was seen running to the toilet soon after. After a few more drinks, and a couple more Jager Bombs, we decided it was a good time to head off. Plus, the pub was closing. Alex and Ed were sensible enough to head home. Alan was determined to go to a night club, but in his state that was not going to happen, so he disappeared off with Tendai. Swany and myself decided to head back to his for a coffee, before I headed home myself. When we got back to Swany’s, and after we had drunk some coffee, we decided it would be a good idea to sleep out in the tents. Mine was still up in my garden and Swany’s was in his car which was on my drive. Superb idea! We got back to my house at about three thirty in the ayem and we set about setting up Swany’s tent. Less than 10 minutes and it was done. Not entirely sure that Emma was happy about us pitching the tent at that time, but this is the sort of thing that happens when Swany and I get together.

Swany was not feeling too clever on Friday when he emerged from his tent at around 09:00. He went home to freshen up and was back round mine for about 13:00 as we had to go to see our friend Curtis in Dunstable. Curtis is my personal tattooist and Swany had been waiting an age to have a tattoo of a lion put on his shoulder. The Lion he had in mind was a sketch drawn by his Great grandfather, while in Africa. My tattoo was an Ouroboros against a cross. This gives it that Celtic look but incorporates two different elements. The cross itself is based on the rosary from the  film ‘The Boondock Saints’ while the Ouroboros is from the Chris Carter TV Series ‘MillenniuM’. To say we were impressed with Curtis’ work would be an understatement. Swany couldn’t stop looking in the mirror after his was done and mine was just as good. Swany’s was identical to the sketch that he had given Curtis, mine on the other hand I didn’t get to see until it was going on my arm. I had given Curtis a brief with a few pics and then he designed it himself. He got it spot on!

Saturday Swany had to work, but came over afterwards with another friend, Pete. Len was also here and Emma had cooked us all stew and dumplings. Len didn’t have any as he wasn’t feeling too well and went home early, but the rest of us tucked in. Emma’s stew is something to be savoured, as it is the second best Stew I have ever had in my life! (My Great Nan’s was better!) After feeding we moved the tents so that they were facing each other than let off a few Asian Lanterns, just because we wanted to and because we wanted to upset a farmer in Kings Langley who is calling for them to be banned. His reasons being that his cattle might eat the Lantern and choke on the wire or they may cause fires. One: Our Lanterns have no wire as they use bamboo which bio-degrades. Two: By the time the Lantern falls from sky the fuel cell has been used up and the Lantern is stone cold. Besides, there are some ‘Special’ people in Bushey who believe that UFO’s are flying every time we send a Lantern up. God help us!  After the lanterns had disappeared from view we settled in to our tents and continued to drink and chat. (Emma had already gone up to bed) Pete and I sat up talking ’til ridiculous O’clock, while Swany had passed out earlier.

So all in all a damn good weekend!

My next blog will be along shortly.

Until then, May it be well with you.

All comments are welcome

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