Time with Friends

After my trip to London with Alysha (see last blog), I relaxed for the rest of the week. Swany and I did go to ‘Shoots’ Garden Centre, on the Friday, as I wanted some more fish for my tank. On all of our last visits to ‘Shoots’ they have had a ‘Snakehead’ in one of the tanks. Unfortunately, no one had bought the Snakehead at ‘Shoots’ so it had been returned to the supplier. Snakeheads are usually found in freshwater in Africa and Asia. There are a number of different species of  Snakehead and they can grow anywhere between 25cm and over 1metre in length. They are predatory and eat everything from aquatic insects to rodents. They can also breathe air and when they are out of the water they use their muscles and fins to ‘walk’. The female can lay up to 150,000 eggs a year! It is a great creature to see in a tank, but people have started to release them in to the wild, especially in America, where they are causing havoc with the local ecosystems. Anyway, I bought six Admiral Tetras and two Glass Catfish for my tank, along with an ornament for them to swim through. Swany, the mad man that he is, decided to buy a hamster. He had hamsters before and still had the cage, so he bought a small, female Russian hamster. On our way home we stopped off at Swany’s to pick up the cage and then carried on to mine. While Swany cleaned his cage for his new hamster, I set installing the new ornament in the tank and acclimatising the new fish to the tank. While my fish were were bobbing about in their bags in the tank, Swany decided it was about time he named the hamster. Various names were thought of, including: Rachel 2 (last hamster had been called Rachel), Muppet (why not?!), MRS A (for a laugh), Treacle (for a millisecond), and various others, before he settled on… Lois. Quite apt as most people know Swany as ‘Super Swany’. I did make the comment that Lois might get lonely and need a friend whom he could call… Clark. Swany was having none of it, so I left it. That night Swany had to drive to Wales so Lois stayed with us. That’s Me, Alysha, Emma 14 fish and two cats, Tilly and Gerry, who thought the little furry thing in the metal box was for them to play with. Lois survived the night and was reunited with Swany on Saturday afternoon. Sunday I chillaxed and I returned to work on the Monday, at St. Albans City Hospital, and I was back at Watford for the rest of the week.

On Friday (13th) I went in to Watford with some friends. Chris, Adam, Michael and Kevin. We started off at the ‘Oddfellows’ for a quick one before moving on to the ‘Moon Underwater’. We each had a pint and then we shared a pitcher of ‘Green-eyed Monster’. Fantastic stuff. We then went on to ‘O’Neill’s’ where we had ‘Jager Bombs’ and ‘Sambuccas’. We then headed off to ‘Yates’s’. It was here that the words ‘Beaver Club’ kept getting mentioned. I was in no mood for visiting a strip club, so I made my excuses and scarpered back to ‘O’Neill’s’, where I bumped in to Deano. He was up from Cornwall for the weekend and we always seem to find each other when he’s back. So the two of us had a few drinks in ‘Chicago’s’ before I left Deano with his arms around some young lady, and I headed home. Turns out this was a perfect idea, as the others did indeed hit the ‘Beaver Club’ and one of them even managed to get a bill for £240 on his credit card!!!

On Sunday (15th) Emma and I went to her sister Rachel’s house for a BBQ, with all her family. The weather was perfect and so was the food. Plenty to eat and drink and we had a real good time. Alysha didn’t go with us as she is currently on holiday with her friend, Sophie. Sophie’s family had picked her up earlier on. I am sure she is having a great time and I look forward to seeing all the Photo’s and hearing all the stories, when she gets back.

Until next time,

May it be well with you.

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