‘Hello, Mister Capello.’

Before I begin, I must say…


Earlier this year my very talented daughter, Alysha, auditioned for a part in a musical. Because of her dancing abilities, and the fact they she is great on stage, she landed a role. She was happy and I was happy. She asked me if I would go and see her in it and I said, ‘Yes.’ Then she told me that the show was called ‘Hello, Mister Capello.’ and that it was a Musical set in Watford about Football. (Argh!!!)

The lead up to the play saw Alysha at rehearsals for most afternoons and evenings. (Luckily her dance classes had finished for the summer.) My Mum, Lynda, would have come to see the play but was away for her holidays, so me and Emma decided to take my Nan along to see it.

September 4th – Play Day. 

Alysha had left the house early to go to dance, which finished at 13:00, giving her 15 minutes to get to the Palace Theatre. This wasn’t a problem. The matinee was due to start at 14:30, so we walked to my Nan’s and ordered a taxi and arrived at the Theatre at just after 2. We had deliberately picked seats close to the aisle in case Nan needed to get out for any reason. This was a blessing, as most of Alysha’s performance happened stage left, so she was directly in front of us.

The first half lasted an hour, then there was a 20 minute break. Nan stayed in her chair while we went to stretch our legs. On our return to our seats, we bought Nan and ourselves an icecream. After the second half was finished, we made our way to Palace Cafe and waited for Alysha. She arrived all smiles and asked us all if we liked it. A Resounding ‘Yes.’ from all of us. She then told us that they were doing tours backstage. Nan decided that she was quite happy to sit in the Cafe while Me and Emma went on the tour. Alysha led us back in to the Theatre and we waited for the tour to begin. They split us all up in to groups of 8 and the tour began. We were taken around by Ian, the Stage Manager, and he showed us everything. The stage, the sets, Orchestra pit, lighting rigs, dressing rooms, etc. As we left the dressing rooms area, Ian asked Alysha if he had missed anything, to which she replied, ‘No, I think that’s all of it.’ Obviously, over the course of the rehearsals, I think that Alysha had manged to talk to every member of the crew and, knowing her, had quizzed them on everything. After the tour we went back to find Nan and order a taxi. Alysha was staying at the Theatre as she had her final show to do later that evening. After the final show, Alysha phoned to say that they were having a ‘wrap’ party and asked if she could stay. Her friend would drop her home later. I told her to enjoy herself and that I was very proud of her.

Hello, Mister Capello.

The story revolves around a young man called Jimmy Champion, his sister, his family and a secret that threatens to destroy his family.

Watford Football Club.

Some local girls who want to be WAGS.

Three older ladies who meet up by the Watford Pond to feed the ducks.

Young people from Watford who try to get to the World Cup in South Africa.

And various other people from the Watford Area.

The songs in the play were all pop songs.

The play itself was brilliantly acted and directed. It was not all about football and it was not all singing. It was a good story and had some funny moments. It also had some darker moments but it was still good.


I still hate football and musicals,

but I would go and see this play again.



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