Alysha’s 15th Birthday

On Thursday October 26th, 1995 at 17:55, my daughter, Alysha Tamsin Alexandria Morrissey, was born.

She weighed 5lbs 13.5oz. It was the happiest day of my life.


On Tuesday October 26th, 2010. My daughter turned 15.


Alysha started celebrating her Birthday on Monday (25th) by going Bowling with a couple of friends (Jade and Anita). After Bowling (which Anita won) they all returned home and did girlie things in Alysha’s room. Anita left and went home leaving Alysha with Jade, who was sleeping over. We ordered the girls a pizza and trimmings while Me and Emma had steak with onions, mushrooms and Tiger bread. (Beautiful). Alysha and Jade then watched a DVD, before going to sleep.

The following morning (26th), I was up as usual and was waiting for Alysha and Jade downstairs. My Mum and her friend Sue arrived just before 08:00 to drop Alysha’s presents, cards and cakes off, which was the time Alysha crawled out of her pit. Then Mum and Sue went to work. Emma got up at about 08:30 and then Alysha began to open her cards and presents.

She did very well:

A JLS hoodie, a pair of Uggs, an umbrella, Pineapple clothes, some toiletries, High School Musical 3 DVD, a £15 gift voucher, a £30 cheque and about £70 in cash. And some other things.

Then it was breakfast. Croissants for Alysha, Jade and Emma, and another coffee for me.

Then the girls went and got dressed and went over to Alysha’s Great Nan’s to see them.

They returned a little later and said that they were going into Town. So they went.

Alysha used her new Student Card to get her nails done with a discount. They then went clothes shopping and then mooched around the shops, until coming home, just after 15:00.

My Mum popped in after work for a cup of Tea and a cake. It was while we were we talking that my Mum suggested going out for a meal. A short discussion on where to go and we were all off getting ready. Mum went home to feed Poppy (her Cat) and get changed, while we did the same.

Then, Alysha, Jade, Emma and me walked to Mums and then carried on to the ‘Rising Sun‘.

The ‘Rising Sun‘ is a pub/hotel on the old site of the ‘Sun Engraving Co. Ltd.’


The ‘Sun Engraving Co. Ltd.’ opened in 1919. At its peak it was the largest printing company anywhere in the world. In World War II much of the allies propaganda material, as well as all the manuals of aerial recon photographs used for the invasion of Europe, were produced there. The company also got involved in activities connected with the production of the atomic bomb. Much of the site was abandoned in 1989 after Robert Maxwell bought it and reduced the workforce, by streamlining the company. The site remained empty for a long time before redevelopment, which has resulted in a hotel, pub, flats, GP surgery, nursery, etc..


Anyway, we found a table and sat down to study the menu. The restaurant was busier than normal, for a Tuesday, as the ‘Harvester‘ across the road is currently closed for refurbishment. 

Alysha and Jade ordered the Pasta Alfredo, Emma had the Pie and Cobbler, Mum had the Chicken salad and I had the mixed grill. (Steak two nights in a row!) Alysha then had a waffle with Belgian Banoffee Waffle for dessert, while Emma had a Bailey’s Latte, Mum had a Liqueur coffee with Tia Maria and I had a Liqueur coffee with Jameson’s. 

Once we had all finished, we made our way back to Mum’s for another drink, while Alysha and Jade went back to ours to watch High School Musical 3. We stayed for about an hour before we left my Mum to go to bed, as she had work the next day. When we got home the girls were in Alysha’s room watching the DVD, so we left them to it, and went to bed.


All in all I think Alysha had a great day.

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