Devil’s Night, 2010

Saturday 30th October, 2010. Devil’s Night.


The day started like most Saturdays do for us. Alysha had her lie-in. Emma had gone in to town, while I sorted out a few things for the Halloween Party BBQ later that evening. This included a trip to Vimco to purchase some chicken breasts and various other bits and pieces. I then did the washing up and put out the washing. When Emma returned we had a visit from her Mum and Dad. (They had called Emma whilst she was in town and asked her to pick up a few things). Just as they were leaving I prepped the chicken breasts. I made three different marinades and placed the sliced breasts into three tubs to marinade. I made a BBQ coating, a mildly spiced coating and a Chinese coating. Once this was done it was simply a case of chillaxin’ until friends arrived. So I chillaxed.

Steve B arrived first followed by Len. It was about six-thirty when I put the BBQ on. After about 20 minutes, the coals were at cooking temperature and I started cooking sausages, burgers and chilli burgers. Then Adam and Lauren arrived. Then Kirsty and Massimo arrived. Kirsty works at Watford General with Emma and this was their first visit to one of our parties. It also turned out to me Massimo’s 30th Birthday, which gave us another reason to celebrate. (Not that I’ve ever really needed a reason to party).That was when I started to fry off the chicken. BBQ chicken went into the wok. Chilli chicken went on to the pizza tray and the Chinese chicken went into an Indian stainless steel curry dish, which I put the lid on and placed on the coals. As each part became ready, I served it on to plates which were taken down to the patio, by Alysha, where rolls, pitta breads and sauces awaited. It was about this time that Emma arrived. Emma is a friend of Len’s and they had not seen each other for nearly 20 years!!! After a few introductions everyone settled down to eat. Apart from Emma (Len’s Emma) as she is watching her figure. The food began to disappear. Drinks were poured. The fireworks were lit. Everyone got on great. Len and Emma spent some of their time alone in the kitchen, catching up, while everyone else mingled, ate, drank and watched some more fireworks. They did get interrupted a few times by people getting more drinks and food from the fridge but, if you will have a conversation in the smallest room in my house, that is to be expected. Music was on random and everyone just got on. Then we let off the last of our Chinese Lanterns. A nice orange coloured one that headed in the direction of King’s Langley. (Hopefully to annoy the farmer over that way who wants to have Chinese Lanterns banned! Muppet!). Alysha was mingling and eating and playing on the PC. Emma (Len’s Emma) was sober (Driving). Lauren was sober (Driving). Adam was drinking, but not really getting there (Lauren was driving him home). Massimo was sober (Driving). Kirsty had a few too many (No change there!) Steve B was getting there (Staying at ours anyway). Emma (my Emma) was happy and I was getting there. Once everyone had had their fill of food, some went inside to watch some videos on You Tube or put their favourite song on. Some stayed in the garden (We have a firepit). All this time the drinks still flowed. Eventually people started to drift off. Len walked Emma to her car. (He seemed to be gone for ages!). Massimo poured Kirsty into their car. Lauren and Adam then left. Emma stayed up for a bit before heading off to bed, while Steve B and myself watched some classics on You Tube. (Michael Bentine, Dave Allen, Spike Milligan and the like). Then I went up to bed and left Steve B watching You Tube.


All in all another great Halloween BBQ.


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