Massimo’s Birthday

Sunday 31st October, 2010. Halloween (Samhain).


After the Saturday night, I expected a lie-in. That never really happened as I was awake early, as usual. Once I was up I went downstairs and made a coffee and waited for Steve B to get up. Emma was still in bed. When Steve B did finally surface, he didn’t look too clever, so we sat and watched ‘Arthur 2: On the Rocks’. Brilliant movie that we had not seen in a long time. Then Emma got up and Steve B collected his things and got ready to go. He was meant to be meeting up with some friends but all he met was his duvet, when he got home. After a spot of late lunch, Emma and I got ourselves ready to go to Zinco in Watford for Massimo’s Birthday. We arrived at the restaurant at 6, where we were met by Kirsty who Emma helped put up Birthday banners and balloons. Once everyone had arrived we all ordered our meals and started to celebrate. 12 adults and 2 kids. I had the Calzone Misto Carne (Folded pizza filled with meatballs, home-made slow cooked meat sauce, chicken, mushrooms, sun blushed tomatoes, mozzarella & tomato). It was delicious but it was not the best that I have had. (If you want the best, go to Maurizio’s in Rickmansworth). Once we had all eaten and finished our drinks, we settled the bill and Massimo had said ‘goodbye’ to some of his family and friends, we all headed over the road to ‘O’Neill’s‘. Being a Sunday it was very quiet, so we only had the one drink before we headed down the High Street to ‘Que Pasa‘. Again it was quiet, but we made the most of it by having some Jager Bombs! I am not sure what was scarier, as it was Halloween I was expecting to see people in fancy dress, but I wasn’t prepared for ‘O’Neill’s‘ and ‘Que Pasa‘ to both have their Christmas Trees up. After a couple of drinks we all headed to ‘Revolutions‘, where it was slightly busier. Best part was that all cocktails were half price! Fantastic! We stayed here until closing and Emma and I finally got a taxi home, just after midnight.


All in all, another great weekend.

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