Five Fold Kiss & The Dome Bar

Saturday 6th November, 2010.


Recently, Len has got back in touch with people that he has not seen in decades. (That’s the power of Facebook). One of these people is a young lady named Emma. We had met Emma once before, when she came to the house. (For the Halloween BBQ). Anyway, Len wanted to take her out to watch some live music and decided the quickest way to find out when and where Five Fold Kiss were playing, was to check the ‘Diary’ page on my website. (How good do I feel, especially as Five Fold Kiss have their own website?!) He then decided that it would be nice for the four of us to go out together. (I think he meant like a double-date). Steve B also hadn’t seen the band in a while so he came along, too. I spent the afternoon waiting for the Rugby to start. This was going to be Ireland’s first match at the newly opened Aviva Stadium at Lansdowne Road, Dublin. (The Lansdowne Road Stadium is the oldest International Stadium in the World!) So, I waited patiently for the match to start. It was going to be good with Ireland taking on the World Champions, South Africa. The match started well for Ireland until South Africa upped the tempo. At half time the visitors had the upper hand. The second half saw Ireland floundering with nothing to reply to South Africas attack until, some had the bright idea to bring on the old-guard! O’Gara and Stringer took to the field and the entire Ireland side came alive. Now, Len lives about 7 minutes walk from my house. He left for mine while we were 14 points adrift. When he walked through my door, O’Gara and Stringer had refocused the team and we almost neck-and-neck. Unfortunately, O’Gara missed a conversion (from way out on the sideline!!!) that would have brought us level, so we lost by just 2 points. Still a great match, though. Once the match was over Emma, Len, Steve B and me got ready to go to the gig. Emma (Len’s Emma) would meet us there, while Len, Emma, Steve B and myself got a taxi. None of us had ever been to the ‘Dome Bar‘, so we were quite looking forward to seeing the band at, what was for us, a new venue. (Alysha was at Cassiobury Park watching the fireworks display with her Nannie). Ofcourse, Emma was there by the time we arrived. (Traffic had been a nightmare because of the fireworks). While we all caught up and had a few drinks, Chantal, Graham, Gary(Steve B’s brother), Jason and Niall (Five Fold Kiss) all came over to say ‘Hi’, before the gig started, and we introduced them to Len’s Emma. Just before the end of the first set, I was busy talking away when Chantal left the stage so the boys could do an Instrumental. It was at this point that Graham noticed I was talking and not paying attention to the band, so he did an Iron Maiden riff. Well, that got my attention! During the break we mingled with the band and congratulated Graham and Lorna on their engagement. Annette, (Gary’s better half) joined us for a bit, while the band went back on for the second hour. AfterFive Fold Kiss had finished, we said our ‘goodbyes’ and decided that it was probably best to head home. Steve B was staying at ours anyway, so we invited Len and Emma back with us, for a night cap. Everyone agreed so we ordered a taxi for the five of us. When we arrived home the music went on (not loud) and the beer came out for the boys and wine for the Emma’s. Then, because it was unplanned, we ran out of beer. Oops. Oh well. Out came the ‘Corky’s’, ‘Vermouth’, ‘Toffoc’ and a whole bottle of ‘Sake’. What a night!!! Emma (my Emma) was the first to bed, followed by Steve B. I helped Len set up the sofa bed and gave him a spare duvet, before heading to bed myself. (Well, it was nearly 4 in the A.M.) When I awoke in the morning, Emma (my Emma) had gone to work, Steve B had got up and gone home and Len and Emma had also left. So I had the day to myself, which I spent doing absolutely nothing! I can’t wait to seeFive Fold Kiss again at ‘O’Neill’s‘ in Watford on Friday 19th November at 22:30.


Until my next blog… Live long and prosper.


May it be well with you.

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