Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company’

Sunday 5th December, 2010.

My friend, Steve Brown, has recently been rehearsing with a group called ‘Second Company’ for a play called ‘Company’ by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth, and I was going to see it with Emma and Len’s Emma. Steve plays the role of Larry, a 50 something man, the third husband of Joanne, played by Joyce Lorinstein. This run is directed by Ray Rackham and, after sell out performances earlier in the year, has transferred to the ‘Stage Space’ at the ‘Pleasance Theatre’. I have seen Steve B in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Judgement at Nuremberg’, the latter of which was his directorial debut, and I have also seen him on TV for Channel 5’s ‘David Jason: The Show Must Go On!’

‘Company’ is a musical comedy, set in New York, that first premiered in 1970. The play is centred on the central character of Robert, a 35 year old single man, via his 3 girlfriends and his married or soon-to-be married friends. Robert has hit a point in his life where he cannot commit to a long-term relationship and looks to his friends for guidance. The ‘Stage Space’ is a small area with enough room to fit a maximum of 50 people, while the stage area itself is about twenty feet square. The use of the small stage space, was accomplished very well with the use of two clear plastic chairs and a leather bench. The cast, when not in the scene, sat at the sides until their turn in the play. It worked really well and at times I felt that I was actually in an apartment or on the bridge with the cast. It was an almost intimate feeling, as though they were playing just to me. I have to see say that I was really impressed with the show from the opening song, ‘Company’, to the last number, ‘Being Alive’. The whole cast were superb with two stand-out performances from Robin Innes and Lowri-Ann Davies. Robin gave a sterling performance as Robert. While Lowri-Ann gave a truly remarkable performance as Amy. (Her very fast rendition of ‘Getting Married Today’ was incredible.) All-in-all it was well worth seeing and I can’t wait until the next play that I go and see. Below is a link to a review of the show.

Until next time, May it be well with you.


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