Christmas, 2010

Saturday, 25th December, 2010. Christmas!


I love Christmas! I count down to it every year from Boxing Day, much to the annoyance of some of my friends and family. This year was no different than any of the others. I was up and about just after 7 to feed the cats and fish. Then Alysha was up and so was Emma, once she had a coffee. Emma and I sat on the sofa while Alysha gave out the presents, which we then opened, throwing the discarded wrapping onto the floor. Suffice to say that it looked like a tornado had hit our living room afterwards. Just as we had finished opening them, we had a visit from Swany. More presents exchanged. He was over the moon with his presesnt, which we had had in the house for about 6 months! (Nothing like starting early!) After Swany left (nearly stacking it on the slippery path outside)we got ourselves together, at about 11, and headed over to my Nan’s house to see the rest of the family. More presents exchanged, before we left for home and dinner. This year we had lamb with brussels, potatoes, carrots, broccoli and gravy. Last year we had steak. The year before we had a grill-up and the year before that was home-made pizzas. (We have something different every year, but we don’t do turkey!) After dinner we sat and watched a bit of TV and then Alysha headed back to my Nan’s. The rest of the day was quiet with Emma and I just chillaxin’.


Sunday, 26th December, 2010. Boxing Day!


I love Boxing Day as much as Christmas Day, if not more! Our Boxing Day consists of an ‘Open House’ party. Every year we invite friends over for food, drink, music and fun. Saves us having to go anywhere and also our friends help demolish all the food that is left. This year was no different. My friend Dave popped over in the morning and he loved his present. (An ‘Il Duce’ T-Shirt from the Boondock Saints! For anyone who hasn’t yet seen these amazing movies, SEE THEM ASAP!!!) Then Swany arrived followed by Alysha, who had stayed at Nannie’s Christmas night. Tracy and her kids, Madison, Sienna and Cheyanne then arrived follwed by Adam and Lauren and baby Kane. Len and Emma then arrived followed by Alysha’s friend, Sam. Then my friend Colin arrived for an hour-or-so. What ensued was fun. Lots of laughing and joking while watching You Tube videos or listening to music. All this time drinks flowed and food was eaten. Tracy and the kids were the first to leave, as the kids were getting tired. Then we started on some drinking games. Shots of Chocolate and Chili Liqueur, Lemoncello, Teacher’s, Bailey’s, Toffoc, Etc.. Swany left soon after this as he had to work the next day. Lauren then took baby Kane home leaving Adam to stay at ours. Len and Emma were staying, too as was Sam. Luckily we had a spare room for Adam to stay in while Len and Emma had the sofa which converts into a double bed. Somehow, (it might have been the alcohol) Emma missed the bed, landing on the floor, knocking the coffee table flying. I managed to get a couple of photos before we helped her up. Luckily no damage was done to the coffee table or the floor. And, in case you were wondering, Emma didn’t do herself any damage, either. Then it was off to the Land of Nod. Emma and I didn’t surface until 12:30, (although, Emma had been up earlier to let Gerry out at stupid O’clock). That was when we heard movement from Len and Emma downstairs. That is not a pretty sight first thing in the morning and I am glad I don’t have to wake up next to it everyday, and Emma didn’t look too good either! (Only joking you two!) As it turns out, Adam had walked to Rickmansworth earlier in the morning and got a Taxi back to Amersham, so the house wasn’t as full as it could have been. Alysha and Sam were just waking up as Emma and I headed into Watford for a little bit of shopping. We got back home minutes before Steve B arrived. Steve B had been away with friends for Christmas, so had missed our Boxing Day party. The rest of Monday was spent watching TV with more food and drink. We always buy four bottles of Snowballs every year, just for Steve B. 


Tuesday, 28th December, 2010. Grandad’s 85th Birthday!


Up slightly earlier than the previous day, so that we could go to Grandad’s to give him his Birthday presents. Not long after we got there, Alysha’s friend Sam turned up and they headed off to Brent Cross to do some shopping. Then my Mum arrived and Emma and I headed home. Steve B was up and Emma said that she was going into Town, so Steve B and I walked into Watford with her. After a quick look around some shops, Steve B and I disappeared off to Mangan’s for a drink with friends. Some time later, Emma met up with us and we headed to the Oddfellows to see more friends, before heading home. More food was eaten and drink drunk. Then, it was off to bed as Steve and I had to go to work the next morning.


A great Christmas was had by me and I think everyone else enjoyed it, too.


Merry Christams and Happy New Year, Everyone.


May it be well with you.

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