January, 2011

New Year Weekend

Well, New Year came and went as normal. We didn’t go out New Year’s Eve, although Alysha did go to a friends, so we stayed in and watched the TV and waited until midnight to watch the fireworks, which were fairly impressive this year. Then it was off to bed. Emma was up early, as she had to work, where as I don’t work weekends or bank holidays, so I stayed in bed for a bit. When I did get up I went for a wander, before returning home to watch some DVD’s that I had received for Christmas. (Star Trek the Original series, all remastered). After that I just chillaxed for the remainder of the day. Sunday was spent watchin gmore episodes while Emma went to work, again. That is pretty much how I spent the whole of the New Year weekend.


Swany’s Birthday

Swany ended up going out the night before his Birthday (11th) with some friends from work. They played pool and got drunk, before he ended up in the pond in Watford High Street… twice!! I popped round to his flat on the Wednesday (12th) to see how he was. He wasn’t well at all, throwing up a couple of times while I was there. Then he asked me to take him to A+E as his foot hurt, from when he had fallen in the pond. So, I took him to A+E. A quick X-ray and it was discovered that his foot was just bruised. I then helped him back to his flat, where he proceeded to throw up, again. He wouldn’t stop throwing up until four in the afternoon.


Five Fold Kiss

Saturday 12th January saw Five Fold Kiss perform their first Saturday night at The Horns. Steve B, Len, Emma Jayne, Swany, Pete, Adam and a few others all hit the pub at about eight-thirty, and waited for the band to start. Some more friends that I had told about Five Fold Kiss turned up, too. Helen and Russell, Valentina, Jenny and Anita. What a night! The band rocked and eveybody had a fantastic time. Ofcourse, my camera was their to capture the atmosphere of the night. After the band had finished, Len, Emma Jayne, Steve B, Swany, Pete and myself all went to Modello’s for some more drinks. Then we all said our goodbyes and made our merry ways home. Steve B came back to mine as it was easier than trying to get back to Northwood.


Sunday 23rd January

Alysha was up early as she had a dance competition to go to. This wouold be her first of the year and she was really looking forward to it. (Alysha had only found out about it the afternoon before, when Bobby, her dance instructor, told her about it). So, off she went. Emma and I decided to just chill-out for the day, so we did. When Alysha finally arrived back, she had her arms full of trophies. It turns out that Alysha got a 3rd in couples, 3rd in Line Dance, 1st in Solos and qualified for the Nationals, in October!!! How proud am I?!


Sunday 30th January

Alysha was up early as she had her second dance competition of the year. As it turned out it wasn’t her best performance, only getting a 4th place medal, but I am still proud of her.


Monday 31st January

Today would have been my Dad’s 60th Birthday. It was also the first day of my week off work. We didn’t get up to much, just relaxed and took it easy all day, as we had plans to decorate the house for the rest of the week.


Until my next blog…


May it be well with you.


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