Painting, 6 Nations & A Proposal

Tuesday 1st February

Emma and I had booked the week off work, so that we could decorate the house. So, we up and into town early to get the paint and accessories that we needed. A quick trip to B&Q and a spot of lunch and then a taxi home. We moved all the furniture towards the centre of the room and began painting. We started with the two smaller walls, as these were going to be a ‘dark teal’ compared to the rest of the house, which was going to be a light ‘gold’ colour, similar to what was already in the house. By the end of the day, the two smaller walls were painted and one of the large walls had a coat of paint on it. I then popped out for a quick drink. On my return I went straight upstairs to Alysha’s room as I needed to talk to her about something important. After our chat, we both went downstairs to where Emma was sitting on the sofa. It was then that I asked her to give me back her engagement ring. She didn’t seem too happy about it, but she gave it back. I then told her that she could have it back on the condition that we had to be married by the end of March 2012. She agreed, so I gave her the ring back and she replaced it on her finger.


Wednesday 2nd

Up nice and early so that we could get a whole days painting done. Emma started touching up the ‘dark teal’ where we had missed a few bits and then started glossing. I carried on with painting the ‘gold’ on all the other walls, including upstairs. By the end of the day we had broken the back of it.


Thursday 3rd

Another earlyish start. Emma went into town for some shopping, while I went to my Uncle’s house to help him put a new aerial in his loft. He then took me to B&Q to get another tin of gloss paint. (Our house has a lot of woodwork!) On my return home, Emma was busy glossing away and I carried on with the painting and touching up. By late afternoon we were almost done!


Friday 4th

A bit of a lie-in, before we got up and finished the painting. Everything was done with the exception of the radiators. They could wait a couple of days. So, after a spot of lunch we got all the furniture bak into its rightful places and chilled out. That evening we went to the Oddfellows to watch the opening match of the RBS 6 Nations Championship 2011, between Wales and England. Not the best of opening matches and not the start that Wales were looking for.


Saturday 5th

Another trip to the Oddfellows to watch Italy v Ireland and Scotland v France. Emma and I were joined by Len and Emma Jayne and Abigail from work. Emma and Abigail weren’t staying for the whole afternoon as they were heading to their friend Kirsty’s for a meal and drinks. Emma Jayne only stayed for the Ireland match before heading home, leaving me with an upset Len. Ireland didn’t perform to their best and narrowly beat Italy. I was more shocked that I predicted the entire match to some friends before the match started. Right down to who would score and when. Spooky. Len, on the other hand, had been concentrating more on the Arsenal match. He was seriously upset when Arsenal, having been winning 4-0, drew the match. My Mum, who had been at the Emirates to watch the match, agreed with Len that the referee had obviously been bribed and should be shot at dawn! So, Len and I watched the Scotland v France match, with me still celebrating from the Irish win and Len still drowning his sorrows from the Arsenal draw.


All in all it was an eventful week.


Until my next blog…


May it be well with you.

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