Jamaica, part 1

April 23rd, 2011. (St. Georges Day)



EmJ dropped us at Gatwick Airport, just after 7:00. Once we had said our goodbyes, we went into the Terminal and through check-in. Then it was on into Passport Control and finally through into the Departure Lounge. It was here that we discovered that there was to be a two-hour delay. So, we went and got ourselves a drink at Café Nero. (One was free as I have a loyalty card.) It was then time to be patient and wait for our flight. After looking around the entire North Terminal Departure Lounge (twice), we found the perfect spot to sit and wait. After watching the aeroplanes landing and taking-off, the call went out that our aeroplane was ready to board, so we made our way to our gate. We were soon onboard and seated on Thomson Flight TOM024. Emma in 35E, Alysha in 36E and me in 37E. At 11:15 our flight took-off for Montego Bay. Because of the delay, breakfast was skipped and we were given the choice of Chicken or Beef and Ale. (I had the Beef and Ale.) During the flight I kept trying to sleep but couldn’t, so I busied myself by watching the T.V. that was imbedded in the seat in front of me. When we had been flying for what seemed like an eternity, we were offered a snack, which consisted of a roll, fruit and the choice of a tea or coffee.(To say I was starving would be an understatement!) Then we heard the Captain’s voice on the P.A. system saying that we were now flying over Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and would soon be starting our descent into Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay. As the aeroplane started to descend, I looked out of the Starboard windows and got my first glimpse of the Sunset Beach Resort. The two towers, of the resort, shone brilliantly in the afternoon sun and I remembered back to a day in September 1991, when I had last laid eyes on this place. We landed without a hitch and were soon going through immigration and Passport Control. Once we had found our transfer coach, the heat kicked in. The time was roughly 17:30, Jamaican Time and the weather was 29C. The journey to our resort took 20 minutes, as we had to drop other passengers at different hotels on the way. Checking in to our hotel, took another 10 minutes and we were soon on our way to our room, with the promise that our luggage would follow us up. We took the lift to the fourth floor and found the door to room A401. As soon as we were inside I had a distinct feeling of déjà vu. The room I now stood in was identical to the room I had stayed in nearly 20 years before. The view was identical and, for the entire week, I was 99% sure this was the same room. I still am! After our luggage arrived, we got changed and headed downstairs to explore. After a walk along the beach and a good look around, we headed inside for some dinner. After dinner we had a few drinks and then headed up to bed. We were asleep by 21:00.

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