Jamaica, part 2

Sunday April, 24th, 2011

For our first morning in Jamaica, we were all up before 06:00. This wasn’t planned, it just happened. After the kettle was filled and put on to boil, we all went out onto the balcony, where we found that the sun was about to rise. I quickly grabbed my camera, as Alysha grabbed hers, and we watched the sun rise above the mountains and gradually begin to illuminate Montego Bay. As it rose, so did the temperature. By 06:30 it was close to 26c. Once we were ready, we headed downstairs for breakfast. Although breakfast was predominantly a buffet style affair, there were chefs on hand cooking fresh omelettes, pancakes, etc. The choice from the buffet was incredible. It catered for all nationalities and tasted superb. We all filled up our plates and sat at a table by the window, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The waiting staff came and filled our glasses with iced water and poured our tea or coffee. They were always smiling and cheerful and couldn’t wait to be of service. After we had finished breakfast, we made our way out down to the beach, which had been freshly raked and cleared of rubbish, early that morning. For our first full day, in Jamaica, we decided to try out the East beach. We made our way along its full length and decided that this spot was perfect. As far from the beach volleyball court and water-park, so that we weren’t disturbed, but right in front of a small beach hut bar, so that drinks were never a problem. We spent the entire morning snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing. As lunchtime drew close, we left our towels on the chaise and headed back to the restaurant. Once again the food was exceptional. Again, although still a buffet, chefs were carving fresh meat at the deli counter and making fresh hamburgers at the grill. I tried everything that week. From foods that I had heard of but never tried to foods that I couldn’t even pronounce. All of it was delicious! (Except for the aubergines and the yellow courgettes!) After lunch we headed back to our spot on the beach where Alysha and Emma continued to relax and I decided to do some more snorkelling. I had walked out to where the sea came to just above my waist, and I could see lots off small fish swimming around my legs. So I put my head into the water to get a closer look. That’s when I saw it. A barracuda. It was just hanging in the sea in front of me and was between two and three feet long. I motioned to Alysha, who was still on the beach, to pass my camera and her and Emma came down to see what I had found. Once they were masked up we all put our heads under the water and looked for the barracuda. Now, barracuda are coloured in such a way that they can easily blend into the sandy seabed and the rays of sun streaming through the sea, also help them to camouflage. It only took a few seconds for our eyes to adjust before we all saw it. Still just hanging there, with its mouth slightly open, showing us its razor-sharp teeth. After hanging around for a bit, so that I could get a few pictures, it swam away. Soon after this we headed back to our room, to get ready for dinner. Before we went to dinner, we first went to the beach and watched the sunset. Once the sun had dipped below the horizon we headed off to the restaurant for dinner. Dinner was just as good as the breakfast and lunch had been, if not better. The choices on offer were myriad and the taste of each dish was incredible. Once we were finished with dinner, and dessert for Emma and Alysha, we walked along the path and onto the West beach. We then walked the length of both beaches, taking in the fresh air and serenity of the resort. Considering the amount of people staying at the resort, and the music coming from the lounge/stage area, it was remarkably quiet. We then returned to the lounge bar to grab a drink and relax and watch the evening’s entertainment. Pretty soon we were tired and headed back up to our room. All in all our first day in Jamaica had been pretty awesome and I couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the week would bring.

To be continued…

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