Jamaica, part 3

Monday 25th April, 2011.



We made an early start again so that we could have breakfast and find some chaise to lie on, on the West beach. The West beach is a lot shorter than the East beach, but it affords more shade, is quieter and is closer to the two main pools and the pool bar. Bonus! Once we had settled, Alysha, Emma and I went snorkelling, again. The rocks that stretched out into the Caribbean, from this beach, were full of a myriad variety of fish that we hadn’t seen from the other beach. Lots of photographs were taken and I spent all morning snorkelling and diving to see what else I could see. We ate lunch in the restaurant and then returned to the beach. As I was quite happily taking photos, one of the bar staff came along collecting glasses. His name was Haveron and he would look after us at the pool bar for the rest of the week. Alysha had met a young girl in the water park and they were becoming close friends, so it wasn’t a surprise that she started to spend more time with friends than with us. Throughout the rest of the day, the sun shone, the waves lapped and the drinks flowed. Sunset occurred around about 18:30 and it was after this that we normally went for dinner.


Tuesday 26th April, 2011.


Today we decided to get up very early and nab some chaise by the pool, next to the bar. Towels were laid out and then it was a walk along the beach until breakfast. By the time we had finished breakfast, most of the other chaise by the pool were taken, too. Alysha had asked for some money to get her hair braided and had disappeared off to the spa with her new friend, Kiah, while Emma and I lay in the sun or swam up to the pool to be served by Dennis or Haveron. As the other holidaymakers showed themselves up in various pool or drinking games, we just chillaxed. Alysha soon returned with her hair braided, which looked really cool, before she disappeared off again. The rest of the day was a proper relaxed affair and was much needed.



Wednesday 27th April, 2011.



Every day at the Sunset Beach Resort, just outside the restaurant, there is a chalkboard that has a list of all the events that are taking place that day and evening. This includes: Patois lessons, Soca dancing, hair braiding, craft lessons, crab racing, talent shows, karaoke, live music, beach volleyball, pool volleyball and much, much more. Alysha immediately decided to put her name down to dance in the talent show, before going off to take out a pedalo with her friend. Today, Emma and I decided to sit on the beach between the East and West beaches, beneath a tree that afforded great shade and was close to the restaurant and restaurant bar. Double Bonus!! It was while we were sitting here that we got talking to two American ladies. Naturally, they asked whereabouts in England we were from, so we told them and to our surprise one of the ladies told us that her daughter-in-law lived in St. Albans, which is only a few miles from where we live. It’s a very small world. By this time, Alysha was out in the Sea on the pedalo and I managed to get some shots of her, before I went for my daily swim and snorkel. After lunch, Emma and I went for a walk along the beach and decided to have a little exploratory of the resort. We saw the wedding gazebo, the Italian restaurant, saw some banana trees, coconut and mango trees. We then walked all around the water park and saw the sign for the nurses station. On seeing the sign, we decided that we better get a photo of Emma pointing to the sign. Click. Done. We then wandered through the water park to the main pool and into the lounge and stage area, where we stopped for a drink. After a couple of drinks we walked out back onto the beach, into glorious sunshine.  We then headed up toward the stage area and lounge bar to watch the talent show. After a couple of resort staff had done their turn, Alysha appeared on stage. I switched my camera to video, while Emma videoed with Alysha’s camera. Two-and-a-half minutes of pure dancing brilliance then followed. The cheers from the crowd were the loudest that any of the performers had received. If it had been a talent contest, Alysha would have won hands down! (Check out the video of Alysha’s Jamaican debut on my video page.)


To be continued…

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