Jamaica, part 5

Friday 29th April, 2011.


As today was to be our last full day in Jamaica, we decided to make the most of it. Breakfast and then a walk along the beach, while Alysha went to see Kiah, before a little bit of lying on a chaise and a spot of paddling. Emma and I then moved towards the pool, where various drinking games were being played. Haveron was his usual happy self and, while Emma went for lunch, he made me a cocktail. It was made with different rums and liqueurs and tasted delicious. Some Scottish people that were by the pool saw Haveron’s cocktail and decided that they would try it, too. The next thing I know, I am caught up in a cocktail drink-off! Luckily, Emma soon returned from lunch and things calmed down. (Although the damage had been done!) A few photos of us with Haveron and we made our way back to the beach. It was as I stood on the beach, watching the sunset with Emma, that my legs started to get drunk. It is a really weird feeling getting drunk from the toes upward. It was soon decided, by Emma, (not that I complained) that we should go back to room to change and have a break from the sun. Replenish our energy, basically. This sounded good to me, so I tried to make my drunken legs walk in a reasonably straight line towards the lift lobby. Once in our room, I asked Emma to wake me for dinner, before falling onto the bed. Sleep came quickly. I awoke at just after half-seven. Dreams of rum cocktails still swirled on the screen in my head, as I scanned the room. Emma was in the asleep and so was Alysha. The sun was pouring in through the balcony and I had to check my watch, again. It was definitely 07:30. I had been asleep for 12 hours! How? Then it hit me. Haveron! Haveron and his cocktails had made me miss dinner! Then I thought about it… and then I blamed the Scots! Then I thought about it some more and decided… it was time for breakfast. Once we were all up, we headed down for our final breakfast in Jamaica (well, this trip at least.) Then, after a second coffee, we walked along the beach before returning to our room. Everything had been pretty much packed, so it was only the last minute checks of drawers, closets, etc. We checked out of our room with main reception, just after 11:00 and headed back towards the beach. We walked the length of the beaches, before heading toward the Wedding gazebo with the manicured lawns. We saw geckos and countless birds and wildlife. We then walked around the water park and I had a game of pool with Alysha at the Teen Centre. Alysha stayed at the Teen Centre with some friends, while Emma and I went to the pool bar to find Haveron. After some photos, Emma and I met up with Alysha and had our final lunch in Jamaica (until next year?) After lunch was finished we took a look around the market stalls and made our way to the reception area, where we awaited our coach. Once the bags were loaded, we climbed aboard and waited for the journey to the Airport. As the route back to the airport has to go around the entire Montego Bay, we kept getting glimpses of the resort until our view was obscured by the mountains and buildings. A few moments later and we were looking down on Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay. One of the things that I always remembered about Montego Bay Airport, from my first visit in 1991, was how small and compact it was. Now, looking down on it 20 years later, you could see the expansion that had taken place. New terminal buildings and departure lounges surrounded the old departure terminal, which was now used as one of the security checkpoints. I won’t go into what it was like at the airport, suffice it to say, we were sorry to be leaving. Alysha was already promising to bring her friends here, when she turns 18. Emma had really taken to the place, and wanted to return as soon as possible. While I felt like I had 20 years before… Hoping that it wouldn’t be another 20 years before I returned. As we taxied along the runway, I noticed that we weren’t picking up enough speed and started to wonder what was going on. All became clear a few seconds later. Air traffic control had changed the direction of take-off. Brilliant! This meant that we would get one more glance of the Sunset Beach Resort. And we did. The flight took-off on time, and our flying time was slightly less than our previous flight. We all found it difficult to sleep, so I watched ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘R.E.D.S.’ and various other programmes. We landed exactly on time and sailed through baggage reclaim, customs and passport control and headed for the Arrivals Lounge, where EmJ was waiting for us.


There is only one way to end this blog and that is by paraphrasing Captain Kirk:


‘Of all the Souls I have encountered in my travels, Jamaicans are the most friendly.’


Until next time…


May it be IRIE with you.

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