Alysha and Ireland

Saturday 17th September, 2011.

The second weekend of the 2011 Rugby World Cup began early on Saturday morning, with Argentina beating Romania by 43-08. This was then followed by the Republic of South Africa taking on Fiji. After the Springboks dismal performance against Wales last weekend, Fiji must have thought they stood a chance. However, the Springboks aren’t the current World Champions for nothing, and they came out playing their typically physical game. So much so, that they destroyed Fiji by 49-03. It was as this game was finishing that I finally decided to get up and head downstairs. This was purely because the final match of the morning was between Australia (second favourites to win this years RWC) and Ireland (who have dropped to 8th in the World Rankings, following their poor performances in the warm-up games.) Well, what a match this turned out to be! At half-time the score was tied at 06-06. The first half had been one of the closest that i had ever seen, and the scoreline reflected that. Then the second half began. Sexton scored within 10 minutes of the restart and Irelandwere in front for the first time in the match. Then O’Gara kicked a penalty and Ireland stretched their lead. Australia kept threatening to score a try, but the Irish defense were unbeatable. Then, with 10 minutes left to play, O’Gara kicked another penalty and Ireland were 9 points ahead, leaving Australia needing two scores to win. It didn’t happen. As the clock ran down, past the 80th minute, it fell to O’Driscoll to kick the ball into touch. Ireland had beaten Australiaby 15-06. The match that I had just watched, was as good as any final that I had witnessed.


Sunday 18th September, 2011.

Day two of the second weekend in the 2011 Rugby World Cup saw Wales take on Samoa. Apparently a very tough game, in which Wales were very lucky to score a try towards the end of the match to secure their win. This was then followed by England against GeorgiaEngland had not played at their best the previous week and needed to put in a convincing performance today. And Georgia are no pushovers. If they ever change the 6 Nations into a 7 Nation tournament, Georgia would be the 7th Nation. Well, by the end of the first half, England were lucky to be in front. The start of the second half sawEngland make one of those comebacks that they are so good at doing. Ashton was back to his try-scoring ways and Flood was converting them. Obviously the match earlier in the week for Georgia, was beginning to take its toll and you could see some of the players were absolutely shattered. Final score, Englandwon 41-10. After this it was time for France v Canada match. Canada began by getting a penalty in the first minute and putting 3 points on the board.France then scored a try two minutes, which was followed by Canada doing the same minutes later. It was looking to be a good match. At half-time the score was close, with Canada just a few points behind. The second half, however, saw France up their game. Tries, drop goals and penalties saw France win the match 46-19.

Alysha was in Staines at a dance competition and didn’t return until the early evening. Alysha doesn’t call or text while she is at competitions as this ‘jinxes‘ her, so we have to wait until she returns home to find out how well she has done. Well, in her ‘solo‘ dance she got through to the semi-finals, and in the ‘couples‘ dance she came first, so yet another trophy for her shelf. Way to go, Alysha(I can see I am going to have to put up another shelf for all these trophies.)

So all-in-all a great weekend. Ireland beat Australia and Alysha came first in one of her dances.

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