Alysha’s 16th Birthday

Wednesday 26th October, 2011.

It was an early start in the Morrissey household. Alysha, Emma and I were downstairs awaiting the arrival of my Mum, who had also taken the day off from work. While we waited, Alysha fed the cats and fish. We didn’t have to wait too long, as Mum arrived shortly before 9, bearing croissants. Once we were all seated, Alysha began opening her presents. A handbag, money, make-up, cheques, DVD, a coat, shoes and an electronic keyboard (which we had to exchange the following day as the wrong adaptor had been placed in the box) with stand and headphones. Then it was time for Alysha to see her cake. It was one that we had had especially made by Denise Cox of ‘Tapestry Cakes’ in Watford. (Denise made Len’s 50th birthday cake and Emma Jayne and Len’s wedding cake, too.) Alysha was really impressed with it and lots of photographs were taken.Once all the wrappings had been disposed of, Alysha went upstairs to wait for her friends. One by one they began to arrive and the sound of hyper-active teenage girls, filled the house. By this time my Mum had gone into Watford, to do some shopping, and with the girls heading out, Emma and I had the house to ourselves. So we relaxed for the day. Soon, though, it was time to get ready for the evening. Alysha had returned from shopping, with her ear and tummy pierced, and had gone out to her dance class, so we waited for Mum to arrive. Just after 18:00, Mum, Emma and I got a taxi into Watford and popped into ‘Molloy’s’ for a quick drink. (Our table at ‘L’Artista’ wasn’t booked until 19:00, so what else we were supposed to do?!) When we had finished our drink, we headed outside and met Alysha, Charmian and Jade. (Alysha’s friends who were joining us for the meal.) While we took our seats, my Mum spoke to one of the servers and handed him a carrier bag with a box in it. We then set about ordering drinks and food. I had the Calzone Misto Carne. (Folded pizza filled with meatballs, home-made slow cooked meat sauce, chicken, mushrooms, sun blushed tomatoes, mozzarella & tomato.) It was delicious but, as I have said before, if you want the best, go to ‘Maurizio’s’ in Rickmansworth. While we ate, lots of photos were taken and laughs were had, and before we knew it all the food was gone. After the servers cleared our plates, we started to hear the clang of metal pots being bashed together in a rhythmic ‘tune’. Alysha began to hide her face as they approached our table with a cake with a ’16’ candle on it. They placed the cake in front of Alysha and the clanging was replaced with song ‘Congratulations’ being played throughout the restaurant. More photos were taken, while we ate cake, before we asked for the bill. Emma and I had already said that we were paying for everyone, but my Mum still offered some money towards it. I took her offering, but returned it later that evening. We then left ‘L’Artista’ and the six of us got a taxi back to ours. Once home, I went into the garden to set up some fireworks, while everyone else relaxed. When I was ready, everyone stepped into the garden and we watched the display. Once the display had finished, the tenagers disappeared upstairs, while Mum, Emma and I chillaxed on the sofa, watching ‘Frozen Planet’, on BBC 1. When that had finished, my Mum made a move home and Charmian’s Mum came to collect her. Jade would be staying over.

All-in-all a long but enjoyable day.

I hope you enjoyed it darling. XXX

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