It’s A Girl!

Thursday 10th November, 2011.

After a work day, that had been uneventful, I was looking forward to relaxing at home. My friend, Steve B, came home with me as he needed to use my PC. So, after stopping off to pick up a few beers, we made our way to mine. Emma had spent most of the day doing the washing and doing some last minute cleaning, in preperation of our ‘new arrival’. The evening turned into one of those fun evenings that always happen when Steve B comes round. Lots of laughs, ‘You Tube’ clips and general merriment. As the evening drew on, Steve B decided that he had better head home for dinner. After our goodbyes, Emma and I sat down to eat dinner and watch a bit of TV. Around about 22:30, Emma started to feel a little uncomfortable and kept heading upstairs to the toilet, every 10 minutes. Soon after this she started to complain of lower backache. This went on until Emma decided it might be worth a call to the Delivery Suite at Watford General Hospital. After answering a few questions, they told her to call back in a couple of hours.

Friday 11th November, 2011. 

By now it was just after midnight and I went upstairs and got changed into my work clothes. Emma called the Delivery Suite again just after 01:00 and they told her to come in for an examination. Apart from the backache and constant trips to the toilet, neither of us thought that Emma was in, or was close to being in, labour. I grabbed Emma’s overnight bag and the baby’s bag while Emma grabbed her notes, and we left the house and took a slow walk to the Hospital. It was 01:35. As we got to the end of the road I spoke to Alysha on the phone, explaining where we were going and why, promising to call if anything happened. At this point I was sure we would be back within a couple of hours. The morning was mild, so the slow walk to the Hospital was quite pleasant. We arrived at the Hospital at 02:00, and we were shown into into an examination room. All the midwives at the Nurses Station were all of the same opinion: Emma was not in labour. In the examination room, Emma removed her trousers and a midwife came in to do the exam. At exactly 02:11, Emma’s waters broke. This caught the midwife, Emma and myself completely by surprise. I even jumped. We then transferred to a Delivery Room, next door to the Examination Room, where Emma got into a Hospital gown. The time was now getting on for 02:25 and the midwife said that she expected the baby to be born at 02:35. I decided it would be 02:37. A few pushes later and the babies head could clearly be seen. At this point the midwife told Emma to ‘pant’. As Emma did this, the baby was delivered. The time was 02:38. I was then given the honour of cutting the umbilical cord of our daughter. The midwife then wrapped Erin in a blanket and passed her to Emma, while I called Alysha and told her about her sister. I then called my Mum, while Emma called her parents. While Emma spoke to her Dad, Erin was weighed and found to be 8lb 2oz. I waited with Emma and Erin until 05:00, when I decided it best to head home and see Alysha and show her the photos of her sister. So I went home. Alysha was still asleep, when I got home, so I made a coffee and listened to some music, until she got up. When she did finally wake up, I showed her the photos, before walking to work with my Mum. As I got into my office, many of my colleagues and especially my boss, Ann, were surprised to see me. I explained that Emma and Erin were being kept on Katherine Ward until the afternoon, so I might as well do my work and keep busy, as there was nothing else for me to do. So I did my work, popping in to see Emma and Erin every-now-and-again. I met my Mum at 13:30 and took her up to see her new granddaughter. Lots of photos taken, as per usual. I headed home after work and returned at about 17:00. Alysha had made her way to the Hospital, to see her sister, and so we waited until Emma and Erin were discharged. Swany, the friend that he is, picked Emma, Alysha, Erin and Me up from the Hospital and brought us all home, at about 18:15. Soon after arriving home, David and Alyson (Emma’s parents) arrived. Knowing that Emma was exhausted, they didn’t stay too long, and pretty soon the four of us were alone. Dinner was ordered in, and then it was feeding time for Erin, before we all called it a night and went to bed. Erin awoke a  few tmes before sleeping for five hours straight.

So, after nine months of wondering, all the questions have been answered.

Her name is Erin Niamh Morrissey.

She weighed 8lb 2oz.

She was born at 02:38 on 11/11/11


She is beautiful.

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