Erin, week 1

Saturday 12 November, 2011.

Erin slept quite well, for her first night in the big wide World. Even so it was an early start as we were expecting quite a few visitors today. And, sure enough, they arrived. It began with Emma’s sister Rachel, her husband Noel and their three kids, Rory, Freya and Noah. Erin was passed to Rachel and then Freya, while Rory and Noah played with some toys, while Noel played ‘Angry Birds’ on his HTC phone. (Which I am now addicted to. Thanks Noel!) While they were getting ready to leave, Swany arrived to see how Erin had settled in. We had a coffee, while Emma fed Erin, and then then Swany got to hold Erin. Lots of photos were taken and then Swany left, giving us a short time together. Then Steve B arrived, followed shortly by Len and Emma Jayne. Then we were visited by Adam and Lauren, who were in Watford shopping. Lots more photos and a few drinks, and then we were alone again. An early night was in order, as Emma and myself were still exhausted.

Sunday 13th November, 2011.

As both I and Emma awoke, as a joke we wished Erin a Happy Birthday, as today was the day that she was meant to arrive. After lunch my Mum popped in after watching the ‘Saracens’ at Vicarage Road. (Another win for the Men in Black!) More photos and cuddles with Erin before she headed off home. Yet again, another early night was in order, so it was off to bed we went.

Monday 14th November, 2011.

Erin was slightly restless throughout the night, so that Emma and I were not as rested as we had hoped, especially as we were expecting a visit from Kirsty, anytime in the morning. Guess what? More photographs! After Kirsty left, we had another visit from David and Alyson (Emma’s Mum and Dad) where more photos were taken and hugs were given, before we left alone again. We then bathed Erin, (which she thoroughly enjoyed), and settled down and relax.

Tuesday 15th November, 2011.

We had arranged for my Uncle Martin to pop over with Nan and Granddad, but we decided we would go to theirs, so that we could try out the new buggy. Making sure that Erin was wrapped up and snug, we set off for the walk to Nan’s. The journey normally takes 10 minutes, but today it took nearly 20, as were we stopped by well-wishers and neighbours. Once we arrived at Nan’s, Martin asked to be the first to hold Erin. (More like demanded to be the first.) Coffee was made and Erin was passed onto Nan, and then onto Granddad. Lots of photographs, and then Martin cuddeled Erin, again. After an hour-or-so, we decided to walk into Watford, as we needed to buy a few things, and Erin had some money to spend on some new outfits. (Four days old and already shopping for clothes?!) Martin walked in with us, as he wanted to get a print framed. As we approached Watford General Hospital, we bumped into a some work colleagues, so again a journey time was elongated. We left Martin at the Framers and continued into the Town Centre. ‘Primark’ was our first stop, but Erin didn’t fancy anything in there, so we headed into the Harlequin. In ‘Boots’ had a better selection, and Erin found an outfit that she liked, so it was bought. I ordered 20 prints of Erin from a self-service digital printer, which I would have to wait an hour to pick up. So, we headed to ‘H & M’ where Erin found some more clothes she liked. (This girl can spend!) After looking in a few more shops, we headed to ‘Sainsbury’s’ for a small food shop. We then had lunch at ‘Subway’, before heading back to ‘Boots’ to pick up the photos. Then it was home to feed Erin. We then left the house and headed to the ‘Oddfellows’ where Steve B and Jason(from work) were meeting us, and also to show our friends how beautiful Erin is. After a few drinks we headed home and got ready for the day ahead.

Wednesday 16th November, 2011.

Today was the day I was dreading. We knew that it was coming, and we also knew that there was nothing we could do to avoid it. Throughout the morning there was a tension building that Erin simply slept through. Even a visit from our friend Stacey, couldn’t lift the darkness that was beginning to settle around us. Then Dave arrived, with Nevaeh. Stacey left first, followed by Dave and Nevaeh at 3ish. Then they arrived. The Midwives’. They started nicely enough, by weighing Erin. 3520g(Birth weight was 3700g) Then they brought out their ‘Tools of Torture’. ‘Tenderfoots’!!! An evil little device that pricks the skin, which these ‘Sisters of Evil’ use to extract blood. And who had to hold Erin, while these ‘Deviants’ squeezed the blood from her heel? Me! Well, we found out one good thing, while theses ‘Depraved Monsters’ delighted in hurting our daughter… Her lungs work!!!  Her lungs work really well, in fact. So much so, that her screams expelled these ‘Demonic Entities’ from our house. 

Thursday 17th November, 2011.

Today, we had an appontment at the ‘Registry Office’. We were up and ready and took a gentle stroll, arriving exactly on time. Within 14 minutes, Erin Niamh Morrissey was formally registered as a member of the Human Race, receiving all the rights that Free People of the World enjoy. We then had a quick look through the Town, eating lunch from Watford Market. We then headed towards home, when we had a slight downpour. Luckily, Erin’s ‘wheels’ are waterproof. As we reached the Hospital, we met Steve B, who came back to ours for a coffee, before heading back to work. Then Swany arrived, and after Erin had been fed, Swany drove us to ‘Shoots’. (Now named ‘Squires’, but to us it will always be ‘Shoots’) I purchased some fish and some other things for our Aquarium. Also, I bought a Venus Flytrap. (Just because it was there, really.) Emma bought a Christmas present for Erin, and then Swany drove us home. After Swany left, we awaited my Mum, who was coming over to take some photographs of the four of us. Then we watched ‘Children in Need Rocks Manchester’, before turning in for the night.

All-in-all a very busy first week for Erin.

I look forward to the coming weeks with great anticipation.


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