The Last Few Days

After my week of Paternity Leave, I was pleased to be working at St. Albans City Hospital, as it is a lot quieter than Watford General Hospital. Even so, I was still looking forward to the weekend.

I popped into Town on Saturday morning, to get a few things, before heading straight home. Shortly after I returned, we had a visit from David and Alyson, who brought more clothes for Erin and they stayed for a coffee and a hug. After they left, we had lunch, before Len and Emma Jayne arrived. More hugs, photos and beer followed. We watched TV and caught up on the weeks events. Len was happy as he is off work for the next two weeks, while Emma Jayne isn’t. Then Len had a cuddle with Erin, which we hadn’t realised he hadn’t done. I managed to get a really nice photo of the two of them, too. By the time they left, it was early eening, so we settle down to relax.

Sunday morning we were up and out of the house by 10 O’clock, as we had to go to see Helen the Midwife, at Watford General Hospital. (This Midwife is unlike the ‘Evil Doers’ who came to the house the previous week, as we have seen Helen throughout Emma’s pregnancy.) We arrived at Watford General just before 10:30 and only had to wait a coupl eof minutes, before Helen saw us. We stripped Erin, so that she could be weighed, before Helen took Emma’s blood pressure. Emma’s blood pressure was fine, and Erin was above her birth-weight, so the two of them were formally discharged. We then made our way home and had a coffee. Alysha had stayed at my Mums the previous evening and had a Dance Exam this afternoon, so the house was quiet. After a light lunch, we headed over to my Mums, as she had offered to cook us dinner. So we sat and talked, and watched ‘Finding Nemo’ and had a glass of wine, while we awaited dinner. Dinner was served around 4 O’clock, and we all tucked in. Roast Chicken with orange and cranberry stuffing, roasted vegetables, roast potatoes, peas and gravy. Bloody lovely. After dinner we finished our wine and went onto coffee, while watching ‘A Knight’s Tale’. While this was going on, I did a few things for my Mum on her PC, before we had another drink. Spanish Brandy for Mum, and an 8 year-old single malt Irish Whiskey, called ‘Dun Leire’, for me. Very nice indeed. After our goodbyes we headed home and relaxed, until my alarm went off this morning.

Another great weekend… over too quickly.

Until next time, May it be well with you.

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