A Busy Week

Monday 5th December, 2011. ~ Visit

My day started early with me working at St. Albans City Hospital until 13:00, then it was onto Watford General Hospital for the remainder of the day. I left work at 16:00 and headed home, as we were expecting some family over. Alysha was still at school, when I got in, and Emma was cuddling Erin. Not long after I got in, Erin went to sleep, at which point my Nannie and Auntie Francesca arrived. No Uncle Barry this time, as he was unable to make the trip. (He will be over from the USA in May.) Then Alysha arrived home, and I had to wake Erin, so that Nannie could hold her. The mandatory photographs were taken, before Auntie Francesca had her chance to hold her. Once the photographs and cuddles were taken, it was decided that we should go out for dinner. Francesca took Nannie and Alysha to the ‘Harvester’, while Emma and I fed and changed Erin. Then Francesca came and collected the three of us and we headed to the‘Harvester’. Erin was awake through most of the meal, and only made a fuss when it was time for dessert. After our meal, Francesca took Nannie, Emma, Alysha and Erin home, while I walked, thus saving two trips. It was as I was reaching home that I received a text from my Cousin Mark, to say that he had proposed to his girlfriend, and that they would be married in June. Once home, Nannie and Francesca made their goodbyes and headed off to their hotel, leaving us to relax and get Erin ready for bed.

Tuesday 6th December, 2011. ~ Awards & Party

Another early start saw me heading to St. Albans for the morning, before heading back to Watford General Hospital, for the afternoon. At 15:45, Emma brought me a change a clothes, as we were going to the ‘Golden Service Awards’, where Emma had been nominated for the ‘Unsung Hero of the Year’ award. The ceremony was held in the ‘Elton John’ Suite at Watford Football Club, and the awards were presented by Adam Astill (Dan Hamilton in ‘Holby City’ on BBC1). After a few other awards were presented, it was Emma’s turn. There were four people in the final nominations, and the winner was… David Self from Finance. Finance?! How did that happen?! Oh, well. Emma still got a certificate and a box of chocolates, so she was happy. After the ceremony finished, Emma made her way home to see how Stacey had coped baby-sitting Erin, while I went into Watford to meet Steve B for his birthday drinks. (Although his birthday isn’t until 7th for which he was going to the theatre.) A great night out with Steve B and his friends, before heading home. A quick cuddle from Erin, before it was time for bed.

Wednesday 7th December, 2011. ~ Calm before the Storm

Another morning at St. Albans and Watford in the afternoon. I had taken Steve B’s presents in with me, so that he could open them at work. He seemed really pleased with the ‘Three Stooges’ DVD and a book on the ‘History of Jazz’, complete with CD. After work, it was straight home for a nice relaxing evening in.

Thursday 8th December, 2011. ~ Storm

As I arrived at St. Albans City Hospital, I received a call from Derek, my supervisor. It turns out that there was a slight problem at Watford General, and that it was imperative that I got back there as soon as I had finished at St. Albans, to help out. In just under two hours my work was done, and I was heading back to Watford. On entering the R&D stores, I was met by box-upon-box and bag-upon-bag of stock, strewn across the floor. (A quick insight into my job. I am a Materials Management Officer for the West Hertfordshire NHS Hospitals Trust. Myself and the other members of the team, go around the Hospital and order in all the stock, required by the wards and departments. When we have ordered the stock and processed the orders, it is ‘picked’ by ‘muppets’ at the Rugby Distribution Centre and despatched to us two days later, by NHS Supply Chain (which is in fact DHL) with each ward or departments stock on a separate pallet. We then return to the ward or department and put the stock away. Because our stock is delivered in the early hours of the morning, none of our staff are on sight to supervise the unloading of the lorry, and there has never been a problem before.) Not today. The driver, it turns out was an ‘Agency’driver, instead of our usual NHS Supply Chain driver or DHL employee, if you prefer. This ‘Agency’ driver (who I am sure must work for ‘Yodel’ as they seem to screw us over at every chance) had a simple brief. “Deliver the stock to the R&D point at Watford General Hospital, and bring back the empty pallets. Well, ‘Agency’ man delivered the stock. Then decided to not only take the empty pallets from the previous day, but to take the ones he had just delivered. All 14 of them!!! The stock which had been picked’ and ‘packed’ had now been strewn all over the stores. It took us until nearly 2 O’clock, to go through the packing sheets and get the stock to its correct location. When we had finally done this, we still had some wards to count, so it turned out to be a long afternoon. Not surprisingly, Steve B came back to mine, after work, for some much well deserved beer.

Friday 9th December, 2011. ~ End of the Week

St. Albans City Hospital in the morning.

Watford General Hospital in the afternoon.






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