It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while, since my last blog, and a lot has happened.

Christmas and New Year were exciting, as we now have Erin with us and, for the first time in years, I had the whole of the Christmas and New Year holiday off from work, so I was able to spend a lot more time with my family.

Once Christmas and New Year had been and gone, we turned our attention back to our wedding. My uniform for the wedding was ordered and has been delivered, after being tailor-made in Hong Kong. Emma’s dress has been bought, as has Alysha’s and Erin’s. Also, my best man, Steve, has his suit, too. The invites have been sent out and the majority have accepted the invitation. My hotel room is booked for the night before the wedding, as well as for the night of the wedding. The cake is ordered and the food is sorted, too. Steve is organising my stag day, which will take place on Saturday 3rd March, with a trip to London. 

By mid January Erin was sleeping right through the night in her newly decorated room. 

Alysha is still doing well in her dance exams and competitions, and has decided to go into the sixth-form at school.

Recently, my friend Jason and I started to play darts again. Considering it has been about two years since I last played, it didn’t take long for me to get back into the swing of it. I am currently winning five out of six games. I also gave Jason my PC, as I decided it was time to upgrade, so I bought Emma and Alysha laptop each, and myself a ‘Chromebook’. (Hence one of the reasons why my blog hasn’t been kept up-to-date.)

Towards the end of January, we tried Erin with some baby rice and some pureed apple. Since then she has gone onto porridge in the morning, followed by milk, and pureed fruit in the afternoons, along with milk inbetween.

Also, the RBS 6 Nations Rugby Championship has started, so I am back to supporting Ireland, who have lost their frst match, and had their second match postponed, due to a ‘frozen pitch’. They will improve.

I think that pretty much brings everything up-to-date, so until next time… May it be well wiith you.

All comments are welcome

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