My Wedding Day

Saturday 10th March, 2012.


I had stayed at the ‘White house‘ hotel, on the Friday night, at the request of my eldest daughter, who is very superstitious. On waking up I was hungry and ready for breakfast. I decided not to eat breakfast at the hotel, but instead opted for a full English breakfast at ‘Ruby’s Cafe‘ in Watford Market. After washing this down with a mug of coffee, I headed into ‘Argos‘ to buy myself a new laptop bag, as my old one just didn’t feel right. I then wandered into the ‘Harlequin Centre‘ for a look around. I then headed back to the hotel to relax. A short while later, Steve called and asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch. So, I headed back into Watford and met Steve outside the market. We ordered our food from the ‘Roast counter‘. As we were waiting, Ben and Laurel arrived and ordered some lunch, too. We then all went and sat down to eat. Once we had eaten, Ben and Laurel headed off shopping, while Steve and I went for a look around ‘HMV‘. After nearly an hour, we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the hotel to get ready. A shave and a shower later, and with the time approaching 15:00hrs, I was ready in my Star Trek dress uniform, and waiting for Steve. A few miutes later and we were sitting in the hotel bar watching the Wales-Italy match, sipping a beer, while waiting for Len to arrive. Once Len had arrived, we had another drink before we left and made our way to ‘The Orangery’ on Hempstead Road. The sun was shining as we made the short walk, which was filled with light banter.


We arrived at ‘The Orangery‘ just after 16:15, and were in time to see the previous couple, and their guests, leaving. My friend Rob was the first to arrive, followed soon after by my Mum and the rest of the family and friends. Emma was just pulling in to the car park, as Steve and I made my way to see the registrar. A few minutes later, with all relevant details entered, we made our way into the room to await Emma’s arrival. By now most of the room was full of family members and friends, so after saying hello to as many people as I could, I made my way to the front with my best man, Steve. A few moments passed and then Emma’s entrance music started. Alysha carried Erin followed by Freya, who was followed by Emma and her father, David. We took our vows and exchanged rings and Steve read the reading we had chosen. I kissed my bride and, too soon, it was over and we were walking up the aisle together as husband and wife. Halfway up the aisle, I felt my mobile vibrate in my pocket, and I knew, without looking, that it was a text. When I checked it a few minutes later, I discovered that my friend, Aaron, had messaged me the score of the Ireland-Scotland match. Ireland were winning at half-time. Ireland did go on to win the match, too!


Outside we walked around and spoke to all the guests, before marshalling everyone for the photographs. After about a thousand camera flashes, the photographs were done, and we made our way to the ‘West Herts Sports Club‘, where we had our reception booked.


All of the guests, that had been to the marriage cermony, were at the reception, and more and more friends arrived as the time went on. When we thought that most of them had arrived, Emma and I cut the cake and took our first dance, which was to ‘Amazed‘ by ‘Lonestar‘. Soon after this, Emma and I sat on stools in the middle of the dance floor, while Steve gave his ‘best man speech‘. Soon after he started, he asked Emma Jayne to hold his speech as he was too hot. At which point he began to remove his jacket and tie. As Emma, I and the rest of the guests looked on in bewilderment, he removed his shirt to reveal… A blue Star Trek Original Series shirt! I saluted him for that and he carried on with his speech, which I must say was brilliant. highly entertaining and not too embarrassing for myself and Emma. When Steve had finished, I said a few words on mine and Emma’s behalf, and the party continued. Atfer what seemed like an age, and far too many photographs, the party started to wind down. The bar closed at 23:00 and Andi Rob, the best DJ in the business and a long-time friend, killed the music at 23:30, at which time the last of the family members and friends began to leave. A few stayed behind to help us clearaway the rubbish, and put the leftover food into boxes, which were then placed in Emma Jayne’s car. When everything was finally done, Emma and I took a slow walk to the ‘White House‘ hotel, where we would spend our first night as husband and wife. On entering the foyer, we were met by my cousin Mark and his fiancee Charlotte, who were having a night-cap. So we joined them. After relaxing and chatting, Emma and I made our way up to our room, very tired but extremely happy.


To all of the members of our families and to all of our friends, some of whom we see weekly or even daily and those that we see far too little and those who travelled great distances.


Thank you for making our day so special.


Special thanks must go to:-


David & Alyson (Emma’s parents) – For letting me marry their daughter.


Lynda (My mum) – For simply being the best! 


Steve Brown (Best Man) – There are no words.


Freya (Emma’s Niece) – For being a superb bridesmaid.


Alysha & Erin (Our daughters) – For being the greatest and most beautiful daughters in the World.


Emma (Wife) – For making me the happiest man on Earth.


And to everyone else…




Because we couldn’t decide on what songs we wanted to play at the wedding ceremony, we decided it might be different to play movie soundtracks, so here is the track listing for our wedding:-


Music to be played while the guests are arriving:-

  • Ilia’s Theme – Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Jerry Goldsmith
  • First Contact Suite – Star Trek: First Contact – Jerry Goldsmith
  • Bruce & Linda – Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story – Randy Edelman
  • Fellowship of the Ring – Lord of the Rings – Howard  Shore
Emma’s entrance music:-
  • Sayuri’s Theme – Memoirs of a Geisha – John Williams
Signing of the register:-
  • I do believe in fairies – Peter Pan – James Newton Howard
  • Concerto in E Major – The Boondock Saints – Bach
Leaving as Husband and Wife:-
  • Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op. 43 – Somewhere in Time – Rachmaninoff

All comments are welcome

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