Erin’s 1st Birthday

Sunday 11th November, 2012.


Erin allowed us a tiny lie-in before she woke up proper. The it was downstairs to open her presents and have some breakfast. Sitting beside Emma, on the sofa, Erin tore into the wrapping paper, before discarding the presents in favour of the paper. Erin’s present from us was a ‘ball-pond; with 300 balls to fill it with. We had decided that there was no point in buying too much as Erin wouldn’t be able to appreciate them at such a young age. Besides, we knew that family and friends were going to spoil her rotten, as it was her 1st birthday. So, after lunch, we prepared the house by getting the party food ready and clearing as much space as possible, for all the guests. Then, at just before 14:00, people started to arrive. Nan and Granddad. Mum and Alysha. David and Alyson. Len and EmJ. Dave and his kids, Malakye and Nevaeh. Noel and Rachel with their kids Kane, Freya and Noah. Steve Brown and finally Uncle Martin. Before too long the house was full to bursting with. Every chair was taken, so I had to grab four more from the garage, which we then had to find a space for. The kids, of which there were 7, were happy just running around or finding a place to sit on the floor, to eat quietly, while the various parents snatched a few minutes to themselves whenever they could. Considering how busy the house was, Erin coped really well with the lack of space. Each new present got given its deserved thirty-seconds of her time, before she moved on to the next one. Then there was the constant flashes from a myriad of cameras, as she made her way from one person to the next. And, considering that she had missed her afternoon nap, Erin kept going. (Much like the ‘Fluffling’ that Dave, Malakye and Nevaeh had bought Erin!) The house soon got to be rather warm and very noisy, especially when a ‘ball-fight‘ broke out, between the kids. As the afternoon drew on and the light started to fade, I went out in to the back garden to set up the fireworks. While I did this, Emma gave all the kids some sparklers, making sure that they were all wrapped up as the temperature had dropped considerably throughout the day. When the last of the sparklers had been extinguished, in some water, I lit the first firework. Erin was fascinated by the flashes and whistles but, as the fireworks got bigger and louder, Erin began to get a little upset. So, after leaving some fireworks in their box, we all headed back inside to get warm again. It wasn’t long after this that people started to leave and, sooner rather than later, we were left alone with Erin and a lot of clearing up to do. Assuming that Erin would pass out as soon as everyone had left, was a mistake. Erin continued to play, and eat, before finally succumbing to fatigue just after 22:00. And it was not long after that Emma and I went to bed, either.


I think that Erin had a great day, and I am sure that she would join me in thanking all of our family and friends for making her 1st birthday such a  special one.


Thank you.


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