Christmas, 2012

Sunday, 23rd December

Although Erin’s temperature had dropped back down to near normal, (having peaked at 39.1c the same as the internal temperature aboard a Borg ship, from‘Star Trek’) she was still feeling under-the-weather, so we decided to just relax for the day and enjoy the calm before the proverbial storm that is Christmas. All this changed, however, at just after 20:00 hrs, when Erin decided that she was feeling better. So much better, in fact, that she decided to go for a walk… Alone. Out came the camera and soon videos were being taken of this milestone in her life. What an early, but great, Christmas present!

Monday, 24th December (Christmas Eve)

I was up slightly earlier than normal, as we were short staffed at work, so it important that we were all in early to make sure that everything was done in good time. Because of the extra work, time really flew and before we knew it, it was time to head home. As I walked through the door, Erin came tottering up to me, to show me that she had been practising her walk. Soon after dinner, Emma disappeared off to work, while I settled down for the evening. Erin soon awoke and began to show off her walking skills, again. It must have taken it out of her as, like the night before, she fell asleep earlier than normal. With Erin safely tucked up in bed, I brought all the presents down and placed them under the tree, ready for the morning. With not a lot on the TV I soon headed off to bed, myself.

Tuesday, 25th December (Christmas Day)

As per usual, I was up by 7 O’clock and sitting on the sofa when Emma came home, just after 07:30. Now, I know that Christmas is for the kids and they are usually the first up and I also know that Erin is only 13 months old, but not even I was expecting her to sleep in until 09:00!!! So, when she finally awoke she was given a bottle, sat on the sofa and surrounded (buried) with presents. She soon got the hang of it and, being the typical 13 month old, started to play with the empty envelopes, discarded paper and boxes. The presents were discarded until after we cleared up, at which point Alysha arrived and the whole cycle began again. With Erin playing with her new toys and Alysha reading the biography of Cheryl Cole, Emma got the dinner going. After I had carved the Roast Lamb (from Gibson’s butchers) and plated up the veg (sprouts, parsnips, carrots and broccoli), roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing and gravy, we all sat down to eat. Erin had juice. Alysha had a glass of Bucks Fizz, while Emma had a glass of alcohol-free wine and I had a glass of Bulgarian Merlot. Crackers were pulled, hats were worn, toys were lost and jokes were read. After dinner we cleared the table and finished the washing up, which Emma had been doing as she cooked, so there was little to do. We then all sat down to watch a DVD. Alysha had been bought ‘Ted’, so we sat down to watch that. Emma dozed off shortly after it started, while Erin busied herself by seeing how breakable her new toys were. ‘Ted’ was great fun and I know that I am going to have to watch it again. At just after 17:00, Alysha collected her things and headed over to my mum’s house, leaving Erin and myself trying to be quiet, so as not to wake Emma. After Emma did awake, we spent the rest of the evening relaxing, ready for Boxing Day.

Wednesday, 26th December (Boxing Day)

We spend our Boxing Day chillaxin’ throughout the morning, until our guests, if any, arrive. That’s the way it has always been and will probably continue to b. So, with that in mind, this year was no different. Emma’s sister, Rachel, and family were all in Cassiobury Park for a Boxing Day stroll, so Emma invited them round for a coffee, before they headed back to Chesham. They took up the invite and piled round the house; Rachel, Noel, Kane, Freya and Noah. Followed, shortly after, by Emma’s parents, David and Alyson. After Erin and the kids had wrecked the place, they made their farewells and left, just as Len, EmJ and Steve B arrived. Unlike previous Boxing Day’s, the day was very subdued and relaxing. The TV was on, as a distraction, while we all discussed our various presents and what we had been up to the previous day. Erin, having grown more and more confident in her walking ability, was very irritable as she didn’t want to sleep, in case she missed something. As the afternoon went on, drinks were had and stories were told until, Len and EmJ decided to make a move for home. As they had the car, they gave Steve B a lift home, too. Once everyone had left, Emma and I settled Erin down before heading off to bed ourselves. Once again, another peaceful Christmas in the Morrissey household.

Until next time

May it be well with you.


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