Guinness World Record Breakers





On Saturday October 20th 2012, Star Trek fans (including me) descended on London’s ExCeL Centre, to try to break a Guinness World Record. The record was for ‘The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Star Trek Characters‘ and was held by 1,040 Trekkies at a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, that took place in 2011.




Today, Friday February 8th 2013, Guinness World Records confirmed that we had indeed broken the record with 1,063 fans turning out in full costume. Woohoo! However, with another convention due in Las Vegas later this year, I am not sure how long this record will remain in England. If it does get broken I hope that Media 10 (organisers of the Destination Star Trek London convention) or another company will set up another convention, in Englnd, so that we can smash the record again.




Until next time…




Live Long and Prosper.

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