It’s a Girl… Again!

Tuesday April 30th. 2013.

Today was ‘due day’. Despite Emma’s best efforts to evict our baby from her womb, the little tyke was being stubborn and not playing ball. So, much to Emma’s displeasure, she was summoned in to ‘Victoria Ward’ for inducement. Emma arrived on ‘Victoria Ward’ at just after 08:15, while I remained at home, waiting for the ‘in-laws’ to arrive, as they were looking after Erin for the day, so that I could go to work. Once Erin was packed off, I went into work and carried on with my usual duties, popping up to see Emma, as and when I could. After lunch I had a two-hour meeting in the office, which went quite well, but I couldn’t wait for it to be over, so that I could go and see Emma. With the meeting over it was straight back up to the Ward, where Emma had started to have contractions. With the time between them decreasing it was decided to move her up to ‘Delivery Suite’, as a matter of urgency. We arrived on ‘Delivery Suite’ at 15:50 and soon Emma was in full labour. At 17:28 Emma gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

With mum and baby doing well, I called Alysha, to let her know that she had yet another sister, before calling my mum to give her the good news. I then went to the shop to get Emma a cold drink, before heading to my office to shut down my PC, before heading back up to see Emma. By this time Emma had phoned all of her immediate family, and was getting tired. Although Emma wanted to go straight home, Hospital policy states that you must remain under observation for a minimum of six hours and, since they wouldn’t discharge her at midnight, she would be moved to ‘Katherine Ward’, until the following morning. I looked after our latest daughter, while Emma had a shower, before we were taken down to ‘Katherine Ward’. Once Emma was settled in, at about 21:00, I said my goodbyes and headed home to Erin, who was being looked after by Emma’s brother, Christopher.

The following morning I was up early to get Erin fed and dressed, before heading to the Hospital. On our way in, Emma had texted to ask me to bring in a few items (Cheese and pickle roll and a cold drink), so we bought them at the ‘League of Friends’ shop, before heading up to the Ward. After the usual tests and paperwork had been filled in, Emma was discharged. I ordered us a taxi and within 10 minutes we back at home with our latest daughter.

Keilyn Joanna Amy Morrissey was born at 17:28 and weighed 4026g (8.875lb)

A big thank you to all the staff on Victoria Ward, Katherine Ward and the Delivery Suite.

And all the others that we have seen throughout this pregnancy.

All comments are welcome

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