Star Trek: Red Shirts!

This is a purely random post that I decided to do after seeing Star Trek into Darkness.


Having always been fascinated by the fact that Red Shirts, in the Star Trek: The Original Series, were always getting killed off, I decided to do some research. Here is what I found out.





In the three seasons of TOS, only 25 Red Shirts died.

Of these only 1 was female.


20 of these were Security Officers (80%)

2 were engineers (8%)

1 was a Transporter Chief (4%)

1 was a Yeoman (4%)

1 was an unknown rank (4%)



17 had names (68%)

8 were unknown characters (32%)



Season 1 was the safest season to be a Red Shirt as only 4 died. (16%)

Season 2 was a blood bath as 16 Red Shirts were massacred. (64%)

Season 3 was also a safer time to be a Red Shirt as only 5 died. (20%)



10 Red Shirts died aboard The Enterprise (40%)

15 Red Shirts died on Away Missions (60%)






Red Shirt without a name, who avoided Away Missions and was not a Security Officer or worked in Engineering, had a better than average chance of surviving aboard The Enterprise. This chance dramatically increased if the Red Shirt was female.


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