Lou Morgan’s ‘Blood and Feathers’

“What’s the first thing you think of when I say ‘Angel’?” asked Mallory.

Alice shrugged. “I don’t know… guns?”


Alice is the main character in Lou Morgan’s debut novel, about an ordinary woman thrust into an extraordinary situation. When two Angels arrive at her father’s house and begin telling her that her entire life has been a lie, her World begins to unravel. Moments later her father is murdered in front of her eyes, by a malevolent force, which the Angels are unable to stop. Mallory, a disgraced Angel with a serious drinking problem, takes Alice into his protection and tries to guide her through the coming days. Alice soon discovers that the battle between the Angels and The Fallen has reached tipping point and that she could be the key to restoring the balance. With The Fallen chasing her at every move and Angels trying to send her to hell, Alice has to make her own choice as to her future.


Blood and Feathers is a fast-paced read, which is so well written that you are dragged into the story after the first page. The writing is stylish, with the odd piece of humour thrown in to alleviate some seriously dark, tense moments. The character development is wonderful and you certainly begin to feel an affinity towards many of them. In some ways, I felt like these characters had been together in another book and I was just catching up on their latest escapades, such is the ease with which each interacts with the other. The hell which Lou Morgan created here is a dark, sinister and unholy place which I, for one, couldn’t wait to explore. The Angels, that we meet in this book, all belong to various Choirs and Lou Morgan has done some serious research, which does not overwhelm the reader, but rather adds to the storytelling. And, instead of your typical bright robes and impressive wingspan, the Angels here are depicted as you would expect to see them; Jeans, long coats, sweaters, etc.. (Check out the film ‘Dogma’, or ‘The Prophecy Trilogy’, starring Christopher Walken, or the TV series ‘Supernatural’ to see what I mean). At the back of the book Lou Morgan includes a playlist of songs that she listened to while writing and editing the novel, which gives a nice insight into the writer’s mind.

‘Blood and Feathers’ was published on 31st July, 2012 by Solaris.

‘Blood and Feathers: Rebellion’ is due out 9th July, 2013 by Solaris.

As a little side note, Lou Morgan also wrote a short chapter, concerning Mallory and Vin, which is set before the events of the first novel.

Click here.

I wholeheartedly recommend this novel.


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