Rickmansworth Canal Festival, 2013

The annual Rickmansworth Canal Festival took place this weekend, signalling the end of ‘Ricky Week’. As usual, Emma, Erin, Keilyn and I took a stroll down the Ebury Way, to enjoy the festivities. Just before noon we stopped for a coffee at Lock 81, before heading along the towpath and into the Rickmansworth Aquadrome, where we headed straight toward the Beer Tent, as this is where we were to meet Len and EmJ. Surprisingly, Len and EmJ were waiting at a table as we approached. After getting us all a drink, Len took Erin down to the Music Stage, as she loves music of all kinds, while I went to the Thai Kiosk to get Erin some chicken chow-mein. After Erin had eaten, Emma and EmJ took the girls for a walk, while Len and I finished our drinks. We caught up with them, a few minutes later, near the Acoustic Stage. Erin was starting to get frustrated at being cooped up in the buggy, so I took her out and Len and I took her into the ‘Petting Zoo’. She held a rabbit and saw some pigs and guinea pigs, before we headed into the farm area, where she stroked goats and sheep. Then she found a brush and started to brush the sheep. After a while she started to get bored, so we headed out of the zoo and washed our hands. We then made our way towards the fun fair, looking at all the stalls as we went. After a quick look around the fun fair, it was decided that only two of the rides were suitable for Erin to go on. So, I took her on the ‘Tea Cups’, which she thought was fun as she just laughed for the entire ride. Then I took her on her first roller coaster. Again, all she could do was laugh. (Check out the video.) After this we had another look around the stalls, buying a brush with ‘Keilyn’ written on it, to match Erin and Alysha’s. With the time approaching 17:00, we arrived back at the Beer Tent, where we bought a drink before deciding that we really should make a move towards home. Len and EmJ came back with us and, after a few drinks, they headed home themselves.

All-in-all another great Rickmansworth Canal Festival.

Roll on the third weekend in May, 2014.

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