Guest Post – Daryl Gerard Morrissey “Birth of a Classic”

This is a blog that I was privileged to be asked to write.


A few weeks ago, I asked one of my regular followers and friend Daryl if he would like to write a guest blog post for me. I didn’t give him any direction at all, just dropped him in at the deep end, the following is what he produced:


When I was approached to write this ‘guest blog’, I had no idea about what to write. Should I write about the TV series’, the films, my favourite episode / character or any other combination?. In the end, I decided on this… I hope you enjoy the following.


In the 30th Anniversary year of Star Trek (1996), Rick Berman suggested, to Ira Steven Behr, the idea of doing a special episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine to pay homage to the original series. Star Trek Voyager had made ‘Flashback’, which involved some of the USS Voyager crew meeting…

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2 responses to “Guest Post – Daryl Gerard Morrissey “Birth of a Classic”

  1. Thanks for doing this piece for me, and what a piece. As you know, DS9 was to me, by far the best Trek series and this episode is in my top 5 episodes. A welcome distraction from the 24th century with a little comic relief, much the same as “Little Green Men”


  2. Thank you for allowing me to contribute to your site. It was a tough decision as to what to write about and how to write the post and the images that you added to the piece really made a difference. This episode is also one of my favourites.


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