Star Trek: Special Guest Stars

Since Star Trek has been running on-and-off since 1966, many actors and actresses have passed through the corridors and facilities in the Star Trek universe. Many of these would go on to become major stars or, as Star Trek fans themselves, would wait an age to have that small cameo or bit-part in the franchise.

Here is a brief listing of some of those who have appeared in the series, so far.

Joan Collins, who is most notably remembered for her role as Alexis Carrington in ‘Dynasty’ but she will be forever remembered for her role as Sister Edith Keeler, from the Original Series episode, ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’.

James Worthy, a Basketball player and three time NBA champion, played Koral, a Klingon mercenary in The Next Generation episode, ‘Gambit: Part II’.

Christopher Lloyd, an actor most famous for his roles in ‘One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest’ and the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy, played Kruge, a Klingon commander in ‘Star Trek III The Search for Spock’.

Mick Fleetwood, a musician from ‘Fleetwood Mac’, played an Antedian Dignitary in The Next Generation episode, ‘Manhunt’.

Iggy Pop, the rock singer, played the Vorta, Yelgrun, working for the Dominion in the Deep Space 9 episode, ‘The Magnificent Ferengi’.

King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein II of Jordan, while still a Prince, played the part of a Starfleet crew member in the Voyager episode, ‘Investigations’. This part was a non-speaking role, as he was not a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Professor Stephen Hawking, the world renowned Theoretical Physicist, played himself in The Next Generation episode, ‘All Good Things…’.

Seth MacFarlane, of ‘American Dad’ and ‘Family Guy’ fame, appeared twice as a Starfleet officer in Star Trek Enterprise, playing the role of an unnamed engineer in ‘Forgotten’ and as Ensign Rivers in ‘Affliction’.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, an American Wrestler now film star, appeared as the Pendari champion in the Voyager episode, ‘Tsunkatse’.

Louise Fletcher, winner of the Best Actress Oscar, for her role in ‘One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest’, played the recurring role of Kai Winn, a Bajoran religious leader, throughout the entire series of Deep Space 9.

Bryan Singer, an American film director and producer, responsible for ‘X-Men’, ‘Valkyrie’ and ‘Superman Returns’, played the role of a Starfleet tactical officer in ‘Star Trek Nemesis’.

Christian Slater, the American actor, played the role of a USS Excelsior communications officer in ‘Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’.

Kelsey Grammer, an actor from ‘Cheers’ and ‘Frasier’ appeared as Captain Morgan Bateson in The Next Generation episode, ‘Cause and Effect’.

Kirsten Dunst, who would go on to play Mary Jane Watson in the ‘Spider-man’ films, played the role of Hedril in The Next Generation episode ‘Dark Page’, at just 11 years of age.

Ashley Judd, an actress who has gone on to star with the likes of Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones, played the role of Ensign Robin Lefler in The Next Generation episodes ‘Darmok’ and ‘The Game’.

Teri Hatcher, who is better known for her role as Lois Lane in ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’, played the role of Chief B. G. Robinson in The Next Generation episode, ‘The Outrageous Okuna’.

Kurtwood Smith, who is more commonly known for his roles in ‘Robocop’ and ‘The Dead Poets Society’, has played the Federation President, in ‘Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’, the role of Thrax, a Cardassian, in the Deep Space 9 episode ‘Things Past’ and the role of Annorax in the Voyager episodes ‘Year of Hell: Part 1 & 2’.

James Cromwell, from films like ‘Deep Impact’ and ‘Space Cowboys’, has played a number of roles, including; Prime Minister Nayrok, in The Next Generation episode ‘The Hunted’ and Jaglom Shrek in The Next Generation episodes ‘Birthright: Part 1 & 2’. He then went on to play Hanok, in the Deep Space 9 episode ‘Starship Down’. But his most famous role would be his portrayal of Zefram Cochrane in ‘Star Trek: First Contact’, a role he would later reprise for the Star Trek Enterprise episode ‘Broken Bow: Part1’.

With Star Trek getting a resurgence in popularity, thanks to J.J. Abrams, and the chance of a possible new series in the pipeline, it makes you wonder who will be the next young stars to appear in the Star Trek universe.

3 responses to “Star Trek: Special Guest Stars

  1. Good list there. Just making me try and think of some more without trawling the reference books. Ah – Steven Berkoff in DS9! Just remembered!

    Great read. Enjoyed the memory jog.


  2. Steven Berkoff is one that I should have added. A great actor. I may have to do another list. Prof Hawking’s visit to the Paramount lot was to talk about making his book, ‘A brief history of time’, into a mini series. As he was taken through the set of the engine room, of the USS Enterprise-D, he said, “i am working on that.”, indicating the warp core. It was at this point he was asked to appear in the poker game, at the beginning of the show.


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